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May 3rd, 2012

Making Concessions

Eating strictly Paleo with kids is hard. How do you continually say NO to processed foods without making these foods “forbidden fruit” that they will become obsessed with because they can’t have them? In our house we have made some concessions realizing that there is a balance to real life and Real Food. For the Vale kids probably about 85% of their food is Real Food. About 10% falls in the “concessions” area and then there is about 5% that is not Real Food at all.

One of their favorite foods that falls into that 10% group is popcorn, made in an air popper. Here is why we choose this as a good snack option for our kids. It has no sugar, is gluten-free, is high in fat soluble vitamins and CLA when drizzled with butter from pastured cows, is a good source of trace minerals when sprinkled with Celtic Sea Salt and high in B-vitamins and amino acids when adorned with Nutritional Yeast, a legit Weston A. Price superfood that gives the popcorn a very kid-friendly, cheesy, MSG-like flavor! A pretty healthy snack that kids will love!


21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.


31 Responses

  1. Has anyone tried popping it using coconut oil? We don’t have an air popper.

    • It works good. What are you popping it in?

      • MCG uses a non stick pan with olive oil. Not so good. They made some Monday night that I was able to resist. I am guessing cast iron would be best.

  2. If anyone wants to join, Glenn and I are doing some post-work mountain biking tomorrow. About 15-20mins from CFS. No worries on speed/skill. Just having fun tomorrow. Not hard but not flat. A few obstacles to pick your bike up for but doable by most. 2/5 stars on both “grunt” and “technical”. (at least the trails we’re taking)

  3. 12:09 Rx (6:14 PR) really excited about this today! Doubted myself up front but it paid off!!!

    Really great work by everyone today. Lots of BIG PRs! Shawn was 8 min+!

  4. 9:59, 225# but used 1 pad + 10#
    This WOD was encouraging for improv from Oct. 11:45 w/ 215# & 2 pads for 21 then used a box. Also during warm-up got my first full range HSPU pretty easily. Next time 1 plate!!!!

  5. 11:37 w/ 1 Abmat for most of it. Really hoping to RX this next time…

    PS. I vehemently dislike you Diane!!!

  6. Jeff, where do you get your Nutritional Yeast? Coop?

    • Yes, coop. Fred Meyer has it in the natural food section too. There is also a little health food store in Snohomish called Health Spot that has it.

  7. 15:51 scaled HSPU w/ 5kg plate
    This is the first day I did not wish Diane a fiery death by sporks. 9:09 PR from October w/ same scaling and very happy with that. HSPU feel way better, I think 50% of improvement is the work on moving better, hollow, tight core, active shoulders, confident movement. Though I’m no example of perfection (see jimmy/ben).

    Fun coincidence: I think today is my first PR against a pre-surgery WOD and it’s exactly 6months post surgery. Wahoo! Patience paying off.

  8. 8:51 Rx’d

  9. 8:50 with 2 abmats + a 15# plate.

  10. 11:22

    Nice working out with Brandi and Charity! Thanks for letting me join the lady “power” hour.

  11. Yum this popcorn is delish!

  12. C-
    Tons of PR’s today. Way to go people!


    • Amazing Charity…sometimes I forget that these workouts are sub 3-4 minute for you super Crossfitters. Looking forward to getting closer. 🙂

    • I was on my 15 dls in the 3:?? range and had to laugh that you would have been done and completely recovered by that point.

      Does this hurt you worse than Helen? I think Helen’s horrible throughout the whole wod.

  13. 8:53
    (1 ab mat and 175#)

    On 10/17/11: 11:43 (1 ab mat for 21’s, 1 ab mat + plate for rest, 175#)

    On 5/19/11: 7:34 (20″ box, 95#)

  14. 6:10 w/ 1 abmat

    This is PR of more than 7 minutes with the same scaling. I’m going to rx this next time!

  15. 8:30 rx (13 min pr!)

    Today my HSPUs were fine, but the annoying thing was that I had to break up my deadlifts. Last time I did them almost unbroken. Now if I could just get both on the same day!

    • Oh my goodness. You’ve got to be kidding? A 13 min. PR! That is nuts. Way to go!
      BTW-Helen hurt way worse than this!

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