May 5th, 2012

9 AM


Seven rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
135 pound Back squat, 29 reps

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.

10 AM

CFS Nutrition 101


13 Responses

  1. 30:16 RX’d
    Did anybody accidentally grab a black fleece jacket after the workout? I couldn’t find it. My wedding ring is in the pocket…

  2. 35:30
    65# back squat

  3. 35:44 Rx’d
    Wanted to quit after the first round.

  4. 33:23 I think I did 7 rounds. Awesome crowd today.

    Thanks for the push at the end Chris! Even though he was done Chris ran with me on his “Cool Down” lap. It did help keep me going.

  5. I scaled the heck out of this one and ended up with a very challenging WOD that didn’t cause me low back issues.


    4 rounds of 29 reps @ 95lb BS
    3 rounds of 29 air squats

    Alternated rounds of BS and air squats starting with BS.

  6. 30:06 at 85#
    Did this last about 3 wks after starting, my comment indicates 25:25w/35#bar so slower but more weight. Next time 95# or more. limited a bit by my snatch weight but I’m glad it wasn’t a lot higher! Definetely a “chipper” for me.
    Great nutrition class – learn something new each time. Thanks Jeff

  7. 27:14 Rx’d

  8. 26:59
    95# bs

    Round 1-all reps
    Round 2-all reps
    Round 3-air squats
    Rounds 4,5,6,7 – 15reps with 95# 14 reps air squats.
    I liked this way of scaling because I got to do the weights and the reps. Little of this a little I that.

  9. 29:23 scaled – 500m row, 15 back squats at 65# x 7 rounds

    • Row’s + back squats, ouch! Nice job cranking through with an unfortunate sub combo. I thought about making this one up but I’m waiting a few weeks just so I might not have to sub a row!

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