You’ve got this, Chris!

I can’t talk food today, I’m too stressed out.  One of my all time favorite Games athletes, Chris Spealler, is sitting in 5th place– just 6 points away from 3rd place at the end of day two of the Southwest Regional. As you know this is a pivotal standing as only the top 3 athlethes from each region make it to the next round, the Reebok Crossfit Games.  He’s a five-time Games competitor who continues to not let his size determine his rankings.  Without him the Games would literally not be the same.  Afterall he did win the Spirit of the Games Award for embodying the true character of CrossFit in 2010 when he took a 3rd place finish.

Chris trained me to train you at my Level 1 Cert.  The first morning of our lecture, as I pretended to be super busy on my phone I heard, “hi, I’m Chris Spealler…”  And I quickly put my phone away.  When word got out he was training us little boys even came by to get his autograph. His lecture on efficiency during a wod is something I’ll never forget and think about daily.  That day as Fran took me down with an embarrassing vengeance he trained me with nothing but respect and encouragement.  Exactly how CFS does it.

I’ll leave you with a quote, “I’m ready,” Spealler repeated after the day’s first workout. “Things that used to scare me or intimidate me don’t anymore. I paid my dues.”

My fingers are crossed, Friends,


Leave any Chris comments!

P.S.  Did anyone notice he wears girls Nanos?  Come on, only Chris can pull that off.


20 Responses

  1. Awesome/encouraging pissy Annie! Good job!

    • Oopps. “post” not the other was what it was supposed to say before auto correct got ahold of it.

  2. I REALLY hope he can make it and I will be rooting for him. That being said the last two events look very heavy and will probably favor the bigger guys.

  3. Great write Annie, but I have to burst ur bubble & let you know that I could pull off women’s Nano’s if I wanted to. It’s just how I roll!

    iHeartCFSers : )

    • iHeartMeninWomensShoes

      If you ever want to pass them down, I’m sure I could fit into them. 🙂

  4. Go Speal! I am also a huge Speal fan and Annie is 100% right, the CF Games will not be the same without him. He is only 6 points out of 3rd place, so it is still possible for him to make it. He may not place super high on the snatch ladder (Event 5), but he has a legit chance of doing well on Event 6.

    BTW, Speal is not wearing ladies Nanos. Thousands of CrossFit ladies just happen to be wearing Speal Nanos.

  5. I think I’m going to get a tattoo sleeve to be like Speal and J-ro since they can both confidently rock the girl Nanos. I was actually wondering if they gave him some guy ones in a different color that will be coming out since he is sponsored.

    Unfortunately, Speal is out. All of the guys ahead of him should beat him on the snatch ladder barring some colossal screw up. I do think he will do well on the last WOD, but I don’t see any reason why the guys ahead of him should do poorly enough to allow him to make up a lot of points. Especially since the worst place you can get on that event is 15th. So I think he will have to be within 15 points of 3rd place going into the last event and then he will have to win that event and have the 3rd place guy get last and the guys between him and 3rd place do poorly enough for him to pass them. That is a tough scenario! Hopefully I am wrong about all of that though!

    • I may cry. I watched the recap this am and Rory jokingly said they should cancel the Games if Speal doesn’t make it. As a fan, I’d sign it.

      Chris was also on the recap and he was really nonchalant, about today’s events. He knows the scenerios, so hopefully he’s made peace with the it. IF thats how it turns out.

    • If he does not make it, hopefully CF HQ/Reebok/ESPN will hire him to be a commentator. Serious street cred and we still get our Speal fix.

  6. 4th place, 1 more event to go.

    Huge props to one of my other favorites, Ben Smith. Dominated! I can’t wait for his show down.

  7. Speal is IN!!!! The come back kid!!!

  8. Never count that guy out…like I did!

  9. I’m convinced he deserves the Sprit of the Games just for making it to the games! iheartSpeal!!

  10. The suicide watch on Annie can now end

  11. I’m assuming the party is on at the Steins…

  12. Amazing comeback! So frustrating to follow those last 2 events via twitter feed, but so glad he made it!

    Speal! Speal! Speal! Speal! Speal! Speal! Speal!…

  13. Would have cried if he didn’t make it, and still cried when he did make it. Speal defines Crossfit. So glad he earned his spot to the Games. What an amazing athlete. He has truly used God’s gifts to the fullest!

  14. The United States of Spealler!

    If you haven’t watched the Games update, you should:

  15. wow he made it!! He is something else. I remember when he was in our region and Jeff pointed him out and I saw an incredible athlete and his mother competes in the masters. How cool is that.

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