May 10th, 2012

Four rounds for time of:
165#/110# power snatch, 10 reps
Run 400m

Post time to comments.


8 Responses

  1. 95#, 14:42
    I was a bit light, should have gone to 105. Would have liked a longer rest between runs and snatches didn’t get much tougher between sets.

  2. 15:41 scaled
    135# PS
    Hindsight tells me should have gone to 140-145#. Made it harder on myself. Scared off by 40 reps…do yourself a favor and make it uncomfortable today. Your fitness will thank you!

  3. Impressive showing of strength by Shawn doing Rx weighs. Wow

  4. 28:40 mod 500m Rows for Runs
    Started off with non-ideal “landing” form but would like to think I tightened it up with each rep. Feet a little wide at the end still but much better than the first round where there was some walking around as I tried to gain control of the weight. Really switched on better once I made the decision “I’m going to catch it in the squat” vs. guessing how much to drop. A little funny to met-con @ 95% my 1RM :). Not something to do everyday.

    • Shawn impressive with weight but it sounds like you were doing squat snatches and not power snatches. Doing 40 reps with 95% of your 1 rep max is really tough!

      • Guess that was misleading, that mental note was an overexaggeration that I was just using to not be afraid/lazy of ropping under the bar, aim low. Sort of like saying “tackle through a player” to train a player not to stop at contact but keep going. Makes him hit harder even if he does get stopped.

        As the wod went on, I needed to drop lower and lower to avoid pressing it out. Started w/ 1/4 squat and lowered as I fatigued. Most of them did not drop below parallel though I definitely got close! Now if only I could keep them as efficient as the Open wod demo w/ Fronning! 🙂 He was still cranking them out in fast triples w/ barely any dips! oiy!

  5. 16:14 scaled
    135 PS

    Thanks to Jesse Disch for a couple pointers this morning. I tried to work on some form and technique instead of racing through it.
    Shawn made that 165 look easy! Nice work!

  6. 18:25
    145# power snatch

    Felt good but need to improve on form.

    Really nice to see the cheeks at one class’

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