May 12th, 2012

Complete 12 rounds, beginning each round every minute on the minute, of:

One snatch then complete as many double unders as possible during the remainder of the minute.

Post score of all successful snatches plus all successful double unders. For instance, if you successfully complete a 100# snatch and 50 double unders each round your score would be 18oo (1200 pounds lifted on the snatches plus 600 double unders). You may change weights during the WOD, but it will take away from time doing double unders. Snatches may be power snatches or squat snatches. If time allows complete this WOD in two heats so each person has someone to count and score for them.


6 Responses

  1. I have to admit that I am pretty jealous that I didn’t have the time to come do this one. I sub’d it for a 4.2 mile run this morning at 7am. Than a 3.5 mile walk around Greenlake with the family.

    Hope everyone enjoyed this one…..if anyone showed up on this nice day. 🙂

  2. 2025 rx’d

    Snatch @ 145 lbs for the first 3, 135 for the next 6 and then 145 for the last 3 rounds. Near the end I really started to get my snatch dialed in.

    The DUs felt great, got 50 the first round and then some 30s, some 20s and 40 in the last round.

    Beautiful day, great coaching and great workout!

  3. 1434 115# and many single D/U and attempts. Coach let me count the attempts. Awesome job today Annie S. I like the mobility help as I have serious mobility issues. Lots of weight getting thrown around by everyone. Great work!

    • Your squats are looking so much better everytime I see you! Nice job working on them on the outs.

  4. 1176- 75# snatch. Thought I was doing 85# the entire workout, funny how it seemed so light. Recalculating on the way home and realized I had a 35# bar not 45#. Went back and corrected my numbers on the board. Thrilled to get 23 du in a row, on the first round completed 41. I like that rope! Wish I hadn’t screwed up on the weight!

  5. 1141, I think.

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