May 17th, 2012

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes do 2 front squats.

Use a weight with which your form is perfect and your movements are explosive. Post loads to comments.


Tabata Front squats 95#/65#

Tabata  Abmat sit ups

Post total reps completed for front squats and sit ups combined.


9 Responses

  1. 145# (Clean limited) then
    169 Rx’d
    My cleans are coming along, my previous single rep was 140 so this was multiple ones at 5# better. Ryan’s suggestion to pop at the hips allowed the bar to fly into my front pocket with much less wrist strain. – Cool. Have to admit I dogged the weight a bit to save more for the Tabatas…

  2. mod w/ using rack to continue to rest shoulder
    Front Squats: 275lbs x2 every min
    Alternating Tabata Total: 170
    Front Squats 86 / Sit Ups 84

    • Shawn… are almost all the way back 275?????? You kidding me?????? That’s awesome. It’s like the beast is back…..

      • Thanks, it’s good to feel the heavy weights again. Not quite ready to max out but I’ll take it! Now if only I could run without pain.

  3. Still giving my shoulder the week off so I used a rack.

    Tabata = 209

  4. 165# w/rack
    175 Tabata

  5. 92#
    Then 57# for the Tabata, total 180 reps (mostly thanks to the situps). If I’d known I was so close to Rx’ing I would have!

  6. 170# front squat x 2 from the ground every round

    130 tabata rx’d

  7. 110# front squat without rack
    154 tabata rxd
    Thanks for your help with the front squat, Brandie!

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