May 22nd, 2012

NW Regional!

This weekend marks the Reebok CrossFit Northwest Regional! If you want to see CrossFit in its finest form showcasing some of the fittest athletes on the planet right here in our own backyard, clear your calendars for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! The throw-down will take place at the Americraft Showplex at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Favorite CFS athletes include Jesse Disch our honorary fire breather and my sis Jenny Olson of CrossFit Redmond. Both will be giving their all and will need our support. All the details you need to know are here. If you are not able to be there all three days follow the real-time score board for up to the minute results.

Weighted pull-ups 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps

Post loads to comments.


5 Rounds for max reps of:

30 seconds of CFS 2012-style push ups

30 seconds of unbroken ring support (use a band if necessary)

Rest 1 minute

Post reps completed on the push ups and any scaling of any part of the WOD to comments.

For the push ups and ring support we are looking for external rotation of the shoulders. That means at the top of both movements it is like you are trying to turn your arms out. On both movements your are also looking to keep the shoulders back by pinching the shoulder blades together.


21 Responses

  1. Go Jesse, you’ll rock it!
    Auntie Jenny…you’ll do fantastic…luv ya!
    You’ll both do great!

  2. Can’t wait to see Jesse and Jenny O Kill it this weekend. I will be there Friday and possibly Sunday. If you have never been definitely worth the trip down south..

  3. I’ll be heading down Friday morning after the CFS wod if anybody wants a ride.


  4. Taryn and I are going down Sunday

  5. 66# 2xPull up
    52 Push up
    (2 rounds rings / 3 rounds GHD SU)

  6. (still resting shoulder)
    Deadlift x2: 335 (245->335 by 10’s) getting there

    Hip Extentions for Push Ups (113 total reps: 21/22/23/23/24)
    Goblet Squat Hold w/ 2pood for Ring Hold

    Forgot about Jenny, that’s great news! Congrats and good luck!

    And of course Good Hunting to our favorite adopted CFSer Jesse! Just let us know if we need to Tanya Harding anyone.

  7. Strict pull ups:
    105# overhand
    107.5# underhand

    Push up/Ring support:
    53 push ups
    Got all the ring support unbroken, but form was degrading. Had to hold back on the push ups a lot to get the whole 30 seconds without breaking.


  8. strict 64# palms away/toward & alt, palms away failed first
    57 push ups, held the ring support through 3, broke once for 4th 20sec?, 5th maybe held total 10 sec!

  9. Strict P/U 20# max – first time w/weights!
    44 push ups, 4th & 5th ring support broke several times…

  10. Body weight: 220lbs
    Strict Pullups 2RM: 58lbs
    Kipping Pullups 2RM: 83lbs
    60 pushups

  11. Front squat x2 = 275lbs.
    55 total dips. (subbed for push ups)

  12. 60.5 weighted pullup (strict)

    57 cfs style pushups
    Only made 1 round and then had to grab the little red band. Those holds were rough.

  13. Deadlifts for pull-ups
    65 push-ups
    Unbroken on ring supports but it was really difficult.

  14. Now being at CFS for closing on a year I “want” to blab a bit about Steve’s comments and other’s improvement on these elements in the WOD. I find it VERY exciting to see the newer people than I improving similarly and seeing their frustrations change to satisfaction with the first after doing so much sub’ing and/or injury recovery effort. We’re all there (well maybe not Jeff or Charity) and as we see the improvement in others it gives us (me) encouragement for all the skills and stamina that are still goals.

    It’s also fun to look back at some of the top people (now) a year or two ago on the blog to see them struggle similar to how I do now.

    I still think it impossible to be up to the skill level to compete at regionals but this year I’ll watch and maybe next games I’ll consider training for it…

  15. Thank you for all of your support. Excited to see all you CFSers down in Puyallup.

  16. Herr goes attempt number 2 at posting…..

    60.5 # weighted pullup x 2 (strict)

    57 cfs style pushups
    Had to break out the small red band on ring holds. That was tough to hold myself up after the pushups.

  17. 57# X2 kipping

    43 pushups

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