May 25th, 2012

For time:
Row 500 meters
Ring Push Ups, 30 reps
Row 1000 meters
Ring Push Ups, 20 reps
Row 2000 meters
Ring Push Ups, 10 reps

Post time to comments.

For bigger classes runs may be subbed for rows and still be considered Rxd. 1 mile run=2000m row, 800m run=1000m row and 400m run=500m row.

Compare to here.


19 Responses

  1. Here is something to think about …… if we go through life thinking
    Crossfit is the answer Whats the question??? wouldn’t the world be a better place 🙂

  2. 18:03 Rxd (Run), one too many people for the rowers so Ellen and I enjoyed the dawn. Time would have been longer on the rower!

  3. 20:30 Full Row and 1/2 the Ring Push Ups per group.
    Zoned out during the row, but Ring Push Ups shocked me back into reality!

  4. 17:56 rx’d

    Beautiful morning to be outside running. Glad there was 4 people that showed up to fill the rowers 🙂

    Great job dawn for rx’ing this one…..all on 1 good foot.

  5. 23:16 rx’d

    Rowing=Boo. 😦 Although this one wasn’t that bad.

  6. 17:56
    Rowed and did 30 inch box jumps instead of ring push ups.

  7. 22:10

    Subbed CFS 2012 push-ups for ring push-ups and focused hard on my shoulder rotation/form.

    Great coaching today Annie – thanks for all the tips!

    • I couldn’t stop talking about your incredible push ups! They look so good. Congrats on getting so strong!

  8. RX’d yeah. time was 27:?

  9. C-
    @ home, sub’d runs for rows, 125# BP (quite confident that is not my body weight) 🙂

  10. I just got totally schooled by the rower.

    It goes to show how new I am to all of this–like I said to the 5:15 group, I looked at the WOD for today and thought “eh…rowing shouldn’t be too bad.” HA!

    Definitely my hardest class yet. I think the time was 24:58? Shock, nausea, and delirium set in and I don’t really remember.

    All the row distance, and then 10 scaled ring pushups (rings pulled up a bit and on knees) 10, 8, 5.

    Nice work everyone!

  11. 21:57 Rx’d

    Nearly barfed all over my rower – Would’ve been perfect way to express what I think of that thing 😉

  12. 19:33 RX’d ran my last 500 to rotate on the rower. There was 5 in the class. Good day today compared to yesterday.

  13. 20:32 Rx’d Nice work 5:15!

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