May 29th, 2012

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Chest to bar Pull-ups
5 Ring dips
15 Squats

Post rounds completed to comments.


19 Responses

  1. 11 rnds +2 C2B
    All chest height, ~75% touched (improved from last ones) Jeff’s suggestion on very wide hand grip helped & inertia from hard arm pull in to overcome muscle binding. Next time should get 100% (last 7 all touched). Now to work on those muscle ups!!!!

    Games inspired but reality reigned – they made it look tough but doable.. no it’s just increadibly TOUGH (I’m re-evaluating my thoughts on 2 years to Regionals.. 🙂 )!

    • Forgot to include (4 next time): Rings/Squats unbroken, C2B went to 2/3 @ about rnd 5 then last couple were 1/2s.
      A lot of sweat to clean up this morning good chipper workout.

  2. 15 rounds
    alternated either 5 ring rows or 2 strict pull ups for C2B
    2 ring dips per round, emphasis on moving better than I have been. Definitely small sets but made sure to keep moving and ring dips starting to not suck the soul entirely… only 85%.

  3. Rx’d: 13 rnds + 1 C2B

    C2Bs and squats all unbroken. Ring dips were unbroken for the first 5 rnds then the wheels came off and I was doing singles.

  4. 17 rounds + 3 pull ups
    (Subbed strict pull ups for chest to bars)

  5. 19 + 3 ring dips Rx’d

  6. 9 rounds – I can’t do C2B pullups – so I scaled using a blue band; and red band for the ring dips. Looking forward to getting more upper body strength 🙂 FUN workout today. Look forward to tomorrow.

  7. 5 Rounds (only did 10 minutes)
    Strict Pullups
    Dips on parallel bars
    Squats for 3 rounds/10 Push Ups for last 2

    I’m taking it really easy and working on getting the most from every movement, especially since my back is still protesting when I do too much. I had to slow it down a bit after round three. All of these movements are getting better for me.

  8. 11 rounds + 5 pull ups (pull ups with green + purple…used to be green + red…yay!). Dips with red band.

  9. 10 rds plus ring dips. Blue/red pull ups and Blue/red ring dip. Probably a bit much but felt good to work on form and not struggle so much with strength.

  10. C-
    @ home
    16 + 1 RD

  11. 14 rounds +5 pull ups
    Subbed ring pull ups for C2B

  12. WOD from CrossFit2.2 Gym Cedar Rapids, IA
    Warmup: 1000m run, stretching
    Strength: 1-1-1-1 to max Strict Press, then Strict Press: 3×3 90% max (88lb), 3×8 75% max (65lb)
    Endurance: Rx’d 4:21: 500m row ME, 50 Wall Balls to 10ft marker (16lb).
    400m cool down jog…
    I didn’t even try the “Champions” WOD..
    The trainer Nick is an active service Army Sgt and is headed back for another tour in Afganistan.
    See you all soon!

  13. Nice work getting it done on the road Steve.

    • thanks. it was hard making myself go after travelling all day, but worth it!
      I forgot to mention that Nick’s team led the Central regionals team event and is headed to California.

  14. 12 + 2 RD Rx’d

  15. 12 plus 5 c2b – RDs assisted with red band – 3 inch slack

  16. 11 + 4 ring dips

    I added the red band on the ring dips in round 6, my range of motion got horrible!

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