June 1st, 2012


This WOD for most for most everyone on the planet will be  a lesson in scaling. The movements in here are extremely advanced. This is one of the beauties of CrossFit. Infinite scalability. Prepare to be creative. Brainstorm scaling options before coming to class. In collaboration with your coach, choose the best option for you. The goal anytime you scale is to preserve the intended stimulus of the original WOD (in this case a challenging gymnastics WOD), but make it an appropriate challenge at the same time. Have fun with this one.

Five rounds for time of:
15 foot L-rope climb, 1 ascent
5 Parallette handstand push-ups
45 pound barbell One-legged overhead squat, 10 reps

For the rope climb, begin seated on the ground. For the handstand push-ups, the ears should dip below hand level. For the one-legged squats, alternate legs.

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20 Responses

  1. The WOD demo looked hard enough for this but her form & depth is awesome – wonder if she did 5×5 of them though? Looking forward to this but it’s been a tough arm / shoulder week to be doing HSPU & rope w/o feet – always think “can I really do that?”

  2. I don’t understand the “Functionality” of pistols. Almost all of the CF movements have an application in real life ie Deadlift=pick something up, Ground to overhead=put something on a shelf, Squat=get up out of a chair. It’s not just that i can’t do them either 🙂

    I am sure the collective will set me straight. Thoughts?

    • It’s in case you have to shoot the duck at the skate rink.

    • True, Glenn, hard to find a direct application. I look at it like squatting 300 pounds. Probably never have to do it in real life, but because it is so hard it has a profound impact on us neurologically and hormonally and makes everything else easier because we are a better athlete. It also has a huge emphasis on coordination, balance and flexibility and those are three of CF’s 10 general physical skills. Hope that helps. I kind of feel the same about hip extensions as you do about pistols.

    • I also agree it’s not nearly as obvious/directly applicable as squat/deadlift/press/pull up, especially with the high standards of leg in front and full depth. But I can see the functionality in the things I do with a lot of one legged activity. Especially mountain climbing, where hiking up talus/boulder fields sometimes seems to go on for hours, those “scrambling” mountains. One gigantic step after another, putting my foot high (often waist high) and then having to step up with all of my bodyweight on that leg. Or rock climbing where often the only foothold available is at my crouch level, and the handhold(s) is only good enough to balance with, not pull. And definitely the balance/flex/agility when rugby ruck/maul become less than ideal and I’m pushing with one leg (I need my other leg to stomp the guy on the ground 🙂 )

      The core movements (dl/squat/pull) give much more benefits per effort for the average person, but I can see some good transitional skills for pistols (other than just ability to learn a new skill).

    • Balance is another “functionality” of one legged tasks, these are key to things we do everyday that don’t turn out well, such as recovering after: slipping on a wet floor, a rock trips us up, or … I think it’s helping me to stand on the back of a cantering horse but then that’s not an everyday event but they are all life events.

      We’ll probably never know the benefits of the wide variety of Crossfit workouts but they must reduce the possibility of a more serious injury (and living longer w/ good functionality).

      “Live Long and Prosper”

  3. 16:07 -scaled
    Rope: 2r L rope, 2r arms only, last round arms 2/3 then needed legs
    HSPU: all rounds on 10lb plate
    Pistols: no box (1st time!!! Woo Hoo!!!) – no bar/weight

    This is a wild combo go hard movements…I LIKED IT!

    Nice job 5:30 – Great class

  4. 13:43 scaled (duh!) backwards:
    Pistols: kid box + 10# (no bar) ~50% no box touch, should have used light bar, mostly skill issue.
    HSPU: 1 pad not much problem until 4th round after 3 then 1s with with longish breaks – arm strength disappeared
    Rope: start standing, feet dangling to head touch arms only – added feet for down segment but probably could have armed only down – strength limited.

    HSPUs were my toughest. As I write this my arms are still shaking, it’ll be a sore week-end…

  5. 19:50

    -L rope climb from the standing position. I did one in practice from the ground and it seemed like it would have taken so much energy to do. Opted out.
    -regular hspu’s to the ground every rep (no kip) 🙂
    -one leg controlled air squat to butt barely touching 24″ box ( my darn ankle flexibility kills me on these things).

    All in all, very sweaty technically challenging fun WOD! Very muggy in the gym this morning.

  6. 14:42
    L rope climbs: standing up and to about 75% of the rope. My last two rounds were only about 4 or 5 pulls
    HSPS: 1 abmat with arms inside the ex-Regional standard box. I have to admit one kip popped out, and my coach no repped me.
    pistols: normal but only did 5 per round. First time ever doing pistols in a wod! 🙂

    • Interesting picture flashed into my head – woman gunfighter / pistols drawn but w/ workout clothes on (squating on one leg). Believe it or not I couldn’t find an image on the internet however.
      **** slow day at work? ****

  7. 14:27
    Rope climbs laying on ground 5 pulls per 1 climb, parellete HSPU on 24″ box, 10 pistols on left leg only and balancing with the pullup beams.

  8. 8:54

    Scaled – no-feet rope climb, normal HSPU to ground, pistols . Used posts for balance before I realized I could actually do pistols w/o using it for balance. Last 3 rounds didn’t touch post.

  9. JV
    HSPU on 45# DB

  10. Today was my one year anniversary at Crossfit Snohomish. I did the same workout. 21 15 9. Dead lifts and hspu. First time 6:38. Today 2:32. Annie was the best cheerleader I have ever had. Looking forward to many years with my Crossfit family

    • To further illustrate how far Wendy has come in the past year, she got through her first 21 deadlifts before I noticed that the timer had stopped! So she started over and STILL did the workout in 2:32!

      Nice work Wendy!

    • Yay Wendy!

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