June 4th, 2012

21-15-9 reps for time of:
95 pound Front squat

Post time to comments.


26 Responses

  1. 9:44 Rx’d Was not fully into the WOD today, screwed up knee on a Vaulting dismount Sat. (should have done Xfit WOD), won’t be running for awhile. One legged burpee jump… Hello Dr Jacob…

    I was envious of how the Saturday workout went, sounded like great efforts.

  2. Did this workout on Saturday in the coaches class.

    Rx’d: 9:46

    Today I made up the following workout that I missed when it came up a while back:

    5 rounds of:
    10 power cleans @ 135lbs
    15 wall balls with 20lb ball

    Rx’d: 9:37

  3. Along w/ the coaches did this WOD on Saturday @ 8:15 Rx’d (careful with pull ups/shoulder and kept the sets at controlled 5 reps)

    Today did 21-15-9 of:
    Deadlift 275lbs / T2B / WBS
    Kept T2B to “single kip” only, but very tough as I fatigued. Struggled balancing resting enough do single kips, but getting comfortable. And geez I was complaining about everything this morning, oiy! Should’ve just bucked up, done my best and enjoyed it!

    • YOU were not complaining about everything – even on a bad day (for you) I still noticed you keeping our spirits up! Thanks. BTW, it was a tough WOD you did (I hate WBs, I’ll be doing these and rowing if problems w/ the knee force a sub. good excuse to work on them)

    • Forgot today’s WOD time: 13:14

  4. 8:41 T2B instead of pull-ups

  5. Shout out to Maddie for rxing this one! Dawn continues to inspire….

    13:20 Didn’t rx as I only squatted 55 lbs. Wanted to focus on Pull Ups today. Changed up my grip – front to back, etc. and found lots more strength while using hardly any chalk. Made my day! Hoping I won’t be afraid of ripping as much and can improve my pull ups going forward. I like celebrating the little things!

    • did Dawn do the inch worm burpees? I’ve been waiting for someone to do those in a wod someday. 😀

      • Hah! You tried to get me to do these this morning … these must be devilishly evil… of course having talked about this it’ll probably appear in a WOD soon. Especially w/ Shawn having special access to Jeff’s ear.

  6. 13:56

    31 lb front squat, green + purple bands for first 10 pull ups then switched to green + red.

    Fun WOD today! I’ll add to that shout out to Maddie…nice work!

  7. 10:42 rx’d (I think)

  8. 12:03 RX

  9. 7:37 Rx
    Could not catch my breath…don’t think…just DO!

  10. I did this wod on Saturday with the coaches and got a time of 5:51 Rx’d.
    Today I did this wod with the 5:15 class and got a 38 sec pr with 5:13 Rx’d.

  11. I’d like to claim a personal restraint PR. 🙂
    Planned on a “recovery week”, light overall volume and force myself to let myself heal up. Left my phone at CFS this morning, returned at 5:15pm for it. Figured I’d do mobility to help my recovery week and the stuff Dr. Jacob recommended. A great crew was gearing up with good energy, I was in a good mood, SO tempted just to grab a bar and join in.
    Personal restraint PR! 😉

  12. 10:20 Rx’d

  13. 14:38 doubled reps and did air squats, reg reps for yes inch worm burpees (ugh), then pull ups. Thanks Shawn for the burpees….and congrats Maddie rx’ing!!!

  14. 13:58
    54 pounds
    Strict pullups- first round was with the red band. In the second and third round I used the red & blue band. That was a mistake, as the pullups became a little too easy. I should have tried to just move to the blue band first. Overall a very tough workout.

    Also, I did my first strict pullup without a band (before the workout of course). Super happy about that!

  15. 11:36 rx

  16. Ran 50 min. on centennial trail in place of 10K on mainsite.
    Did this WOD sat. with coaches

  17. 7:05 Rx’d

  18. 7:07 rx ( from Jesse’s house) Took to many breaks…

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