June 14th, 2012


Some food for thought.

The connection between blood cholesterol and heart disease and other diseases is suspect at best.

Dietary changes have VERY little to do with blood cholesterol levels so it is not a really effective strategy anyway.

Saturated fat and cholesterol make up over half of our cell lining and give them much needed stability.

Cholesterol is a precursor to vital hormones that protect the body from heart disease.

Saturated fats have antimicrobial properties.

Saturated fats enhance the immune system.

These are just a few of the positive things that cholesterol and saturated fats can do for you. So avoiding these things may not only be pointless, but might also be unhealthy. As always you should do your own research. Follow the links below for more reading.

The Cholesterol Myth

The best write up on fats I have read.

Mark Sisson weighs in on the issue.

Mark Sisson and Cholesterol

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 2012 CFS style Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups

Post your choice of girls and rounds completed to comments.

Compare to here.


25 Responses

  1. I was a dweeb and forgot to sett alarm!
    I did a demotivated Cindy at home.
    18 rounds 5 pull ups and 9 push ups. Rx’d

  2. Cindy Rx’d: 14 rounds + 3 squats

    This is my second best Cindy ever and I’m 20lbs heavier now. This is also 3 rounds better than my previous disastrous Cindy! I’m calling that a win!

  3. 9 rnds + 10 Push ups modified 15 Cal rows for squats (hate rows πŸ™‚ ) take out my fast segment squats and put in a slow one…. oh well still it was a great 20 minutes. No breaks in Pull ups,only broke at last rnd on push ups, rows slowed me but I would of had to start breaking on other stuff if squating.

  4. 11 + 14 squats

    My previous was 11 + 4 pull ups, hooray for push up strength!!

  5. Mary
    8r + 8pull ups Rx
    First Rx Mary WooHoo!!!! Pistols were hard, but PU are what slowed me down.

  6. Cindy: 13 rnds + 2 push ups Rx’d
    Push ups crushed me today. Tried to keep up with Casey’s awesomeness but he was too good.

  7. Background: When I started CF I was regularly wiped – totally, now I’m dead at the end but only sometimes totally wiped out. I tell myself that I’ve learned to pace myself better, but I’m wondering if I don’t push as hard as I used to.
    Question: What do you guys think? I’m getting better at pacing which is good for “gaming”. I think the answer is short WODs to save nothing, longer WODs save something for the end, but use it all. Maybe I’ve been focusing on learning to pace over pushing harder. Then again (I hope) just recovering faster and in better shape….

    • I agree with what you are saying Mark. I think once you go through a few WOD’s you figure out you need to pace yourself while pushing. You learn that if you go 100% ALL the time you will eventually Bonk. After you do HSPU’s or Push ups to failure a few times in a WOD you learn to slow down a few before failure so you can continue. I hate laying on the ground arms wiggly and yelling while Pancho looks at me funny.

      I have found that I learned to throttle a little to keep my intensity at a good level and not completely fold. That being said, everyone who has been at the box and watched some of our fire breathers everyone has a different level.

      When John was programing I found I was pushing a little harder because I had a “I am only going hard for a 1:00 then I can rest” attitude.

  8. For those that care (yes, I think about details too much). Our previous Cindy was not with the CFS 2012 standard push ups. CFS 2012 push ups started on Jan 24th.

  9. Cindy-8 rounds + 7 pushups. First time using only the green band for pullups.
    That was an awesome killer WOD and I feel like I gave it a ton of good effort today. Thanks for the great coaching and encouragement Ryan. It really helps at the end when you remind us that we won’t die….just try to push for one more….that alone gave me about 4 extra pushups.

  10. “Mary”
    11 Rounds + 1 pull up Rx’d.

    In January I did Mary for the first time and got 9 rounds. The pull ups are what really slowed me down today.

  11. Cindy, 9 rounds + pullups Rx’d

  12. Cindy 9 rounds + pull ups. Did not feel like working out in the garage today. I cleaned the garage, organized the shed, worked, walked the dog, worked, shredded documents, worked then finally gave in and did the WOD. I tried to keep moving but had to switch to kid-on a leash-pull ups at round 5. Used blue/ purple for pull ups and added Blue for the push ups. Push ups really slowed me down.

    Back to work.

  13. Cindy 12 rounds + pull ups. Still had to use 1 band for all the pull-ups but I see a light at end of the pull up tunnel. Good job Ben and Matt on taming Mary..

  14. Cindy – 10 rounds, + 5 pull ups. Rxd. About same as last time, except this time Push Ups were more legit – though not perfect. Thanks for all your help cleaning today Delaney!

  15. Mary – 8 + 5 pull ups Rx’d

    My first Mary. Pistols and HSPU went surprisingly well. Pull ups were slow.

  16. Cindy 14 rounds + 1 GHD
    5 T2B and 5 GHD sit -ups for pull-ups

  17. Cindy
    8 rounds, 5 squats (I think I might have accidentally skipped a round of squats, but I also think I did 10 pull-ups for a couple of rounds so hopefully it’s a wash).

    Strict pull-ups- 3 rounds using a red band. Used the red and purple band for the rest of the rounds.

    Push-ups- First 3 rounds were regular push ups, after that my first few reps were regular push-ups and then I had to go to my knees. By the last round, all of the push-ups were on my knees.

    My limited strength really hurt me. Ellen, however was making it look easy today. Great job on your push-ups Ellen!

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