June 23rd, 2012

9 AM Class 


12 rounds for time of:

 95 pound Hang squat clean, 10 reps

 6 Bumper plate Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.

For the HSPU, rxd will be hands on 45# bumper plates with hands over the center holes with an abmat in between the plates and the plates touching the abmat.


18 Responses

  1. For those of you who are interested, here are a couple of great videos from Jason Khalipa and Chris Spealler on muscle ups:

  2. Today was a good lesson in scaling for me. I went in to this thinking “I can do that”! I was right…..but the question I should have asked myself is “how long is this going to take me”? I made it through 8 full rx’d rounds in 35:06 and stopped. I would have been there another 35 minutes just to finish.
    In reality, I should have added 1 abmat to just take a little bit of the edge off and get through all the rounds. Lesson learned for something so long…….
    Great job everyone that showed up for this mornings punishment. This was a “beast” of a WOD!

  3. 33:11

    First round I did HSPUs to the floor. The rest I did to 1 abmat. Very sweaty workout.

  4. 30:23

    25# dumbbells
    1 abmat

    Cam was closing in on me fast so I had to kip out my last hspu– yeah I counted it.

  5. 35:44 scaled
    used 45lbs dumbbells
    HSPU 2 rounds w/ 10# bumper plate, 10 rounds w/ 1abmat
    started with some 35# plates, feeling confident from some good HSPU yesterday and got too ambitious. I didn’t get a single one. doh!
    HSPU a struggle and probably rested too much. Still working on getting more consistent. Each round would vary in difficulty based on my movement.

  6. 29:14 12 rounds with 55# HSC and 45, 10 pound plate with an ab mat. Probably should have gone a touch heavier. Great crowd today.

  7. Inspired by Brad & Betty…ran 2.1 miles, then Farmer Carry w 45# DB for .9 miles. (mostly in 150ft chunks) Holy grip ache!

    River WOD

    • Now I’m impressed! You almost doubled the weight that I carried. I’m not sure what was harder, the grip or the push-ups. Love the picture.

  8. 30:26
    95# HSC – 6 reps per round
    Started with two abmats, then added a 10, then switched out the 10 for a 25 as the workout progressed.

  9. I misplaced my piece of paper with my time but did 8 rounds in about 35 minutes. I tore both of my thumbs and tweaked something in my shoulder/neck area and decided it was time to stop. Wall walks consisted of getting my hands about 12 inches away from the wall and then my feet sliding back down… Very tough and humbling workout.

    42# HSC
    3 Wall Walks (first round was 6 wall walks but then I had to drop down to 3)

  10. Somebody we know ran a half Marathon today! Awesome!

  11. Sounds like a great WOD, sorry we missed it. Kim and I substituted a 4 mile run here in the middle of Vancouver Island.

  12. Nashville WOD – 2000 meter row – 9 minutes, 60 14 lb wall balls, 5 kipping pulls Was breathing harder than any of the other 30 people on the machines in the gym! Thanks CFS.

  13. 25:42 Rx’d

  14. at mom’s – 8 min.
    21 lunges (each leg)
    42 sit ups
    21 burpees
    15 lunges
    30 sit ups
    15 burpees
    9 lunges
    18 sit ups
    9 burpees

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