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June 26th, 2012

After the normal warm up spend at least 15 minutes dedicated solely to shoulder mobility and prep work for the WOD.

Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to here.


12 Responses

  1. 130×5

    15lbs off my last go at this, but happy my shoulder was able to do it without any pain. It was really great to get the 15 min. of dedicated mobility movements before we started to lift.

  2. 105#x5, needed my paleo Wheaties this morning I guess. Went 105 to 115 and failed, then failed at 110. Next time increment by 5’s from 95, these shoulders don’t seem to have much capacity….

  3. 90# max last round, increments of 5# to max. Shawn’s shoulder mobility exercises really helped me get’r done.

  4. 5RM: 155 (non-ideal though)
    same as last time but not as solid form. Too much caused a collection of gravity wells. Felt heavy!

  5. Bench Press sets of 5: 135, 185, 205 (5lb PR), 210(4), 185

  6. 75 X 5

    Felt awesome and fast, I was on track to make a great pr, then something in my neck tweaked. I’m basically the least mobile person at CFS right now. No worries people, I have a Dr Jakob appt. this week. Then I’ll be back on the pr train!

  7. 75-80-75-75-75

    My shoulder and elbow were hurting today, so I wanted to take it easy. 80 felt heavy, but I think I could’ve gone more if my arm hadn’t been protesting.

  8. 140# x 5 (5lb PR over 7/11) :-/

  9. I’ve had limited mobility in my neck since I hurt it Saturday, so I wasn’t able to work out on Sunday or Monday. Today I didn’t feel like I was ready for shoulder presses so I did a light workout at home.

    5 rounds – 30 seconds of rest in between rounds. I didn’t time it.

    15 15# kettle bell swings (trying to get some blood flow to that area)
    20 sit-ups
    20 pistols (10 each side)
    10 burpees

    • Good job being motivated at home.
      We hope you feel better to come in soon. I know from all my subbing our coaches do a great job at finding good alternates.

  10. 55 x 60 x 65 x 70 x 65 (prior PR was 67.5 x 3)
    Second day back after more than a week off – my legs were still burning from the DL and thrusters the day before so I was pleased to see the upper body workout 🙂
    LOVED LOVED LOVED the pre-workout mobility work – I can attribute my PR to that I’m sure!

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