June 28th, 2012

The Preventative Warm Up: The Shoulder Guy

Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes:

Strict weighted ring dip, 2 reps

Post loads to comments.



Three rounds for time of:
95 pound Ground to overhead, 10 reps
200 yard Shuttle sprint, 50 yards there and back twice

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.


20 Responses

  1. I’m one of those with tissue issues – a shoulder guy.

    Have yet to figure out what’s wrong with my shoulder but it has gotten a lot better the last few months since I’ve been rolling it with the lacrosse ball on a regular basis. I will try this new warm up too.

    Thanks Jeff, lots of good info. And on one take too – I’m impressed.

  2. Wt’d RDs: 44# (9) 35# (3)
    SQT: 6:07
    95# (2rnds) then 85# reduced wt & hoped to speed up reps but only made easier, should have stayed at 95# to claim Rx. A lot tougher than I thought this would be, good lung burner. Tech was mostly missing, 1st rnd unbroken snatches, then went to mostly C&J should have stayed w/ snatches for speed, lost time resetting for the jerk. Shawn was so aghast he “made” me stay after class to reset my technique ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Actually, your snatches looked pretty good on the first round. Not perfect, but generally pretty good. Then the fatigue kicked in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. 110lbs for every round of dips.
    4:27rx for 2nd half

    • I didn’t see you pull the weight out of the vests! ๐Ÿ™‚ If I hadn’t seen you loaded up I’d say you were fishing “it was THIS big but got away”… Great job.

      • I didn’t take any weight off the vests…
        I guess the actual weight was 112lbs then, right?

  4. Weighted RD’s: 44(6), 35(6)
    SQT rx’d: 4:15 (6 second PR)

    The “sprints” were total jogs and felt way harder than the 95 lb power snatches which felt great.

  5. Thanks for these videos Jeff. I’m a back guy, but I’ve been reminded the last month that I’m also a traps guy, so I would be interested in anything you can give on that issue as well. This particular video is helpful because I’m starting to feel shoulder issues also. Frankly, I’m a mess this week. I have to admit that I overdid all of it on Monday, so it’s a good reminder to be more preventative and go a little easier to get a handle on it.

  6. These exercises are similar to what I was given for PT on my issues, I’m confident they restore strength to the smaller injured and largly neglected muscles/tendons but I don’t believe they fix fundemental soft tissue issues. I encourage having a soft tissue expert (like Dr Jacob) check you out. Two shoulder surgeries, lots of PT allowed me to have no pain for everyday activities but CF demands required more investigation.

  7. 5:09 rx’d

    The runs we’re so slow it felt like.

    44# kb all 12 rounds. Felt good.

  8. Missed all you regular 9:15 peeps! Just 4 of us this AM.

    Loose purple band on the ring dips which is progress.

    Weak on the overheads – 42 lbs? Not sure time…

  9. JV @ work
    First 6 sets of ring dips at 53#, 7th set at 63#, last 5 sets at 79#. All with weights hanging from waist.

    Runs were a touch short because of space, but had extra turn arounds.
    3:44 Rx’d-ish

  10. 8:59 rx’d

    I mistakingly did 400s for my runs. That’s annoying!!

  11. Ring dips: 18×3, 14×2, 11.5×2, 9×2, 7.5, 5F, 2.5
    Humble numbers and proud of them ๐Ÿ™‚ those were definitely my max.

    SQT 4:46 Rx’d
    With a sad hobble run , though starting ground to overhead with what can only be called a cleatch. ๐Ÿ™‚ Meant to be a clean but just kept going.

    Bonus 40min mobility waiting for auto locksmith, ops.

    • by the way, love the series. need to take notes though so I can remember the movements you describe

  12. 6:44
    Sqt: 44#
    Ring dips- Purple band

  13. in Maui
    5 pull ups
    5 push ups
    5 sit ups
    5 squats
    20 rounds
    28 min

  14. […] strengthening external rotation in the shoulders during our “Shoulder Guy” discussions, video and warm up, but what about your other rotation? Internal rotation mobility also plays an important […]

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