June 30th, 2012

The Preventative Warm Up: The Knee Guy


Eight rounds for time of:
600 meter Run
1.5 pood Weighted pull-up, 11 reps
11 Walking lunge steps, carrying 1.5 pood kettlebells
1.5 pood Kettlebell thruster, 11 reps

Post time to comments.

If the class is large at all be prepared to modify this WOD heavily due to equipment issues.


16 Responses

  1. Hi my name is Jeff and I’m a knee guy. Man that feels good to just admit it. I am actually a recovering knee guy. By focusing on keeping my knees back and out while squatting to engage the posterior chain and by rolling and stretching the heck out of my quads my knees feel amazing pretty much all the time.

    BTW, this WOD is going to be a beat down. Don’t worry though there will be appropriate scaling as always. Can’t wait, I’m coming in to do it at 9 AM too. See you there!

  2. If I may offer a humble non-technical piece of advise for anyone doing the KB thrusters, Relax! I did this yesterday as I’m in Colorado today and stressed over the form in the first round. By the second round I relaxed and just dialed it a little more with each rep, became much less awkward.

    KB Thrusters are the best, natural, smooth, most awesome movements ever! Your heart will beat with happiness with each rep.

  3. Jeff rxd
    pull ups with kb hanging from waist (love Shawn’s new straps he made for us, thanks!)


  4. 73:24

    I scaled the heck out of this one and it still crushed my soul. I really wanted to stop at 5 rounds but somehow managed to finish.

    Runs rx’d

    Pullups w/ 30lb DB for first 3 rounds then switched to both the 20lb and 18lb weighted vests together for the rest.

    Lunges with 45lb DBs

    Thrusters with 45lb DBs

  5. 50:49. Though I didn’t RX, I was able to walk unassisted back to my car. During the 4th run my desire to finish this insane WOD was waining, but Mr. Vale runs up to me with a big grin and said “Slow and Steady Steve..You’ve got it!”. That was enough to get me over the hump. Thanks Jeff.

    Runs rx’d. Strict P/Us with small band, Lunges and Thrusters with 25# DBs.

  6. 54:02. It was great to do the same workout as everyone except for running. 500m rows, Kipling pull ups, no weight lunges and 18lb. Kb thrusters. Foot felt good so I guess I can start some real workouts now. Great job everyone for hanging in there, on this muggy day.

    • Your pull ups looked awesome!

    • 6 rounds + 2 pull ups scaled
      60min hard stop as I had to get the pup to “doggie summer camp.”
      Pull ups with 15lbs dumbbell (could not figure out using small kb)
      200m runs (slow hobble with Satchel) + 500m row per round
      Solid work, but felt I got too “comfortable” on the transitions, especially the pull ups! Even with only 15lbs I struggled. Great to see so many people embrace such a challenging and humbling wod.

  7. “Brenton”
    Five rounds for time of:
    Bear crawl 100 feet
    Standing broad-jump, 100 feet
    Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps.

    8:59 Rx’d
    This workout was more difficult than I expected. I did it on the grass over here in Chelan, which was fun. The bear crawls directly after the broad jumps were tough on the legs.
    Also, some kids walked by and asked if I am training for boxing or something. I think they thought I was Rocky or something.

  8. 68:44

    9# pull ups (I wrapped the strap diagional across my torso with the kb hanging in the back. It was a great idea until the kb hit my hip bone a few times. Ouch!)
    20# db for lunges and thrusters.

  9. 150 burpees (in Maui)- 15:40

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