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July 1st, 2012


Don’t forget the upcoming 4th of July party at Lake Goodwin. Looking forward to seeing to all there.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
115 pound Push press, 12 reps
12 Chest to bar pull-ups
12 One-legged squats

Post rounds completed to comments.


25 Responses

  1. I love buying meat in bulk! The smoker is ready to go! See you all there.

  2. 2 rnd +-> 11 C2Bs: sub’d 85#, C2Bs correct height but 50% touch, used a band to assist Pistols (left knee pain made getting low difficult). C2Bs took the most time, presses the hardest.

    Ellen great Kips!

  3. River WOD
    Did not read this one well enough the other day on the main site…did 12 rounds, not 12 min AMRAP. Killer mistake!

    36:37 scaled
    95# pp
    PU (not C2B)
    Pistols Rx

    I’m sure I would have been less sore if I’d done Rx as AMRAP. Result…REST DAY

    • I understand why you scaled it, I probably would have tried 70# and taken longer. Excellent job, I’m assuming you did the Pistols unassisted which is also impressive.
      I’ve missed things like (rest 60 sec) when reading the site but 12 minutes and 12 rounds…. bummer but you are the better for it. Though Saturday’s WOD looked worse (I had family events that got me out of it).

  4. 4 rnd + 12pp. 80#pp. 1 band for C2B and Pistols.

    Tough mistake Ben – but good job getting through it !! – Do you ever just jump into the Columbia River to cool down after a tough WOD?

    • Excellent job Steve, I’ve been very impressed with your progress. I didn’t realize you were at 80#, you were flying through those.

  5. 3 rnds + 1 pp

    PP and C2B rx’d
    Scaled pistols by using my hands on the posts. Got my first right-legged pistol today! Could not do it on my left leg though. Did all the push press unbroken which is a first at that weight.

    C2b and pistols were slow today.

  6. Had to go to Phoenix unexpectedly due to a family emergency,
    I’ll be here for at least one, possibly two weeks.
    In the meantime I’ll be trying to fit workouts in where I can.

    Today’s workout was really lame because I was extremely limited on space and didn’t want to make a lot of noise.¬†Depending on circumstances I might try and find a Crossfit gym while I’m here.

    5 rounds
    10 pushups
    20 sit ups
    20 air squats

    • Really lame? I think it was great, I typically find any excuse to sleep in not do CF when away from home. It is intimidating for me to do a CF workout in a hotel gym and impossible in a small hotel room. Find a CF ‘box’. It’s interesting to hear the different styles out there.

    • Michelle – will miss you – I’m sure you won’t fall behind – that’s a good workout for limited space. Take care

    • Nice work getting something done on the road. I hope things work out in PHX

      There are many different road WOD sites out there. I recently found a nice one on the Lake Oswego CF site


      Take a look. Remember to hydrate in the searing heat out there.

      • Thanks for the encouragement Mark & Ellen. And thank you very much for sharing the link Glenn, that’s really helpful. There were a lot of good ideas on that page and I’ll be doing one of those workouts tomorrow a.m.

  7. 4 rounds + 12 pullups

    Felt good today…..
    -95# push press (kept it lighter spin could keep moving)
    -pullups to bar every rep, broke up from the beginning into 4-4-4 instead of going to failure and taking some good deep breaths in between. This helped me ALOT since I am one tht likes to stand there and stare at the bar in between transitions o the different movements, was able to keep moving the majority of the time.
    -pistols to 20″ box

  8. 2 rounds + 8 C2B rx’d

  9. 4 rounds + 4 push press. Scaled to 85#, pull ups with blue/red, air squats. Did the shoulder guy warm up as my elbow pain mysteriously reappeared over the weekend. Tried to keep moving and kept it lighter.

  10. 4 rounds plus 6 CTB:
    45# push press
    CTB w/g&r band – with that many pull-ups I couldn’t do it w/ g&p as I had been.
    One-legged squat holding posts.

    This workout was tougher than it looked – so glad it wasn’t 12 rounds – poor Ben!
    Great coaching and energy 9:15!

  11. 4 rnds – still need bands for pull ups but am getting stronger

  12. 4 rounds….I kept the weight really light today and used a green band and sometimes green and purple together to be able to get my chest up there. Tall box for pistols….first time trying pistols. But, for feeling about 60% today I was glad to even get in and do something. I did try and practice kipping a bit with the band also.

    Thanks for the great mobility stretches beforehand, Annie. I’m pretty much thinking I need to do those exact stretches every day!

    • Me too! Luckily I coached 3 classes today, so I got to do it 3 times! So helpful, no pain in my hip!

  13. 3 + 9 C2B

    Scaled PP to 85#.

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