July 5th, 2012

“Nasty Girls”

3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
135 pound Hang power cleans, 10 reps

Post time to comments.


13 Responses

  1. Did “Nasty Girls” River WOD Rx
    34:41 Rx
    I think this is meant to be a short workout…but MU took a lot of time. Wanted to Rx for Independance Day!

  2. Ps. Can someone post the Bait &Switch WOD details please! 🙂

    • It was the:
      70 Burpees
      60 sit up
      50 kbs
      30 hspu one
      Move well! We miss you at CFS!

    • 1.5 pood KBS, we were allowed to break them up, at least for the teams (we alternated two groups 10/ea – 20/ea Situps and worked down through the list as we completed them). So with breaking up and subs I was about 15:13 but would have been longer w/ full HSPUs . Team was longer because Chris Rx’d the criteria.

  3. 40 Pull ups

  4. Broadway Crossfit, downtown Denver
    29:02 Rx’d
    3 rounds, with 2min rest between rounds
    500m Row
    10 Power Cleans 185lbs

    Rest 3mins
    3 rounds, with 2min rest between rounds
    10 Front Squats 185lbs
    25 Burpees

    Burpees plus 90 outside suck the life out of you! I haven’t done burpees that slow in awhile, Just had to force myself to start moving no matter how slow.
    Really happy I was able to “touch and go” the first round of power cleans as intended, was worried I got over ambitious.

    Been missing the CFS people!

    • It was real crowded on the 4th’s WOD so we probably would not have known you weren’t there BUT Taryn and I missed you on the 3rd with Bear Crawls, Jumps and Burpees. We however were nicely cooler (literally & figuratively).

      Missed you at the picnic – nice time and nice people!

  5. At home today I did the 5 pushups, 5 squats, and 5 situps, 20 rounds-16:53. It was probably pretty slow but my right leg, hip, back was pretty sore from the bear crawl/jumping amazingness, so I wasn’t racing through it. After that I did 50 situps.

    Hope everyone had a great 4th!! 🙂

  6. 11:03 Rx’d

  7. 23:45

    Scaled –
    1 MU = 3 PU + 3 RD
    95# HPC

  8. Scaled also 3 Pullups and 3 ring dips for each muscle up
    did 65lbs. for the sqt cln. felt good to lift weights again.
    Sorry can’t remember my time…..

  9. I showed up to the 5:15, oops! So I ran a 5k, and it took about a half hour. It was warm out.

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