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Hey CFS! I’m blogging from the 2012 Reebok Crossfit Games! As usual the athletes have been incredible. The food? Annoying, but I can’t really put my finger on it. There’s something pretentious about paying $20 just for a paleo plate. Especially if you don’t normally eat paleo.

Pictured above is Casey’s meatball, sweet potato, avocado, and cucumber plate – for $20.

Leave me comments! Do you think it’s pretentious? Am I suffering heat stroke and it’s actually not obnoxious?


Lovin me some K-Star!


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  1. Actually the Paleo plate was delicious. I got it on Saturday as well. Friday the protein was a 3/4 lb meatball! Saturday was carne asada! I’ll probably get it tomorrow as well.

  2. That’s odd, I swear I saw you on the live stream with a tray full of jello shots.

  3. Next time bring a few bags of sliced smoked brisket. I will hook you guys up! Tell K Star and Coach Glassman Glenn said Howdy.

  4. Pretentious, no just capitalism at work, also veggies are more expensive to store / process than grains / starches. I was upset at regionals that the organizers don’t plan better for a mass of people who preferred paleo stuff to have only one stand selling it. No wonder it costs $ with long lines. Next year I’m bringing my own food. Most places it’s almost a novelty asking to substitute veggies for fries/potatos but if a lot of people did it the cost would go up.

    I’m waiting for the “Our Person On the Street” interview w/ the notables you’re meeting!

    • Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind paying top dollar for good food. However, certain people look like posers eating it. Interestingly I saw Noah Pestuer (?) and his buddy getting their tuna wraps. Need I say more?

  5. I also had the carne asada and was pleasantly surprised as it looked a little like cat food. :). Everything at the games seems to be marked up triple sticker….so I guess that’s just how it goes. I’ll be having it again for lunch today. Save me a spot in line Casey! 🙂

  6. Missed Friday and saturday workouts so I did a travel WOD today at the cabin…


  7. Did the rope climb squat wod today.
    7:48 Rx’d.

  8. Thanks Matt, I was wondering what some of the other guys were doing with this one.

  9. As if I’m not mad at these people enough. Look what I found at the end of the day:

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