July 16th, 2012

CFS Community Board

Maybe you’ve noticed the bulletin board at the gym. This is our new Community Board. The only problem is that it isn’t very representative of our amazing community right now. It’s actually kinda empty…a little bit sad. It needs your love! Share a little bit of your life with us. If you have something that you are selling, a service you can provide, something you are getting rid of or need, a charity you are supporting, a business you run or anything else appropriate that you would like us to know about, this board is the place. Please enhance our community by using it!

Three rounds for time of:
115 pound Split snatch, alternating legs, 8 reps
7 Bar muscle-ups
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.


22 Responses

  1. 15:27 at Home. Hello my name is Glenn and I use Ladies weights on WOD’s. There, I said it. All better now. I have found that when I try and go heavy (for me) I just stand there looking at the bar and panting. There are a few WOD’s I can use the Man weight but usually given my High School JV golf sports background (I played D1 soccer in college, blah, blah, blah…) the Ladies weight is a good starting point.

    I scaled to 75#, Ring rows (Almost vertical) and 400m runs.

    In case you were wondering:

    Dan Tyminski (1st place Track Triplet) 8:03
    Julie Foucher (1st place Track Triplet) 8:49

  2. 17:35 at work. Hi my name is Brad and I use Ladies weights too!
    Scaled 75# 14 pull-ups 7 ring dips.
    Almost felt like one of my first days at Crossfit : )

  3. Hi, my name is Val and I use baby weights! haha.

    I hadn’t done split snatches before so I was glad to just focus on doing it right.

    14 pull-ups green band/14 ring dips 2 purple bands

    What a sweat-maker this was! Good WOD. 🙂

  4. For some reason my comments this morning didn’t print.
    17:15 (Marketa also – loved the admission Glenn!) in addition to the ladies weight I used 2x RingDips and Pullups – I was totally off for this workout and thought I’d quit on the 2nd run – thankfully on seeing the bar I told myself just do one quick one – that put me over the hurdle.
    Any allusions to adaquate fitness were shot in comparing their times to mine.

    • Just saw your first comment. It didn’t go through because wordpress saw you as a “new commenter’ because your email address was spelled wrong.

    • I should add that Shawn was great offering good comments on going lower for ring dips and not getting all over me for my slocky form on the snatches – I could tell he wanted to.

      Welcome back Michelle and new member Paula! It “was a good day to die” – Worf.

  5. This was my first time doing split snatches. I like them.
    scaled with pull ups and ring dips (blue band). I’m looking forward to doing pull ups without a band one day.

    Also – I posted a flyer on the CFS community board for a BackPack drive to benefit foster children via Treehouse. This is an annual drive in honor of our (Val & Carole’s) niece Nicole. 🙂

  6. 15:39 Rx’d

  7. 18:12 did 55lb. split snatch, 14 pullups and 14 ring dips (purple band) per round. Great workout. One leg felt not as steady and the other, for the splits.

  8. Jv
    10:12 rxd

    split snatches 31#
    Bmu blue and purple band


  9. 19:28
    95# split snatch
    3-5-7 Bar Muscle Up

  10. 22:09 -scaled
    Did bar MU with small red band -tough but fun new movement
    Rest Rx

  11. 15:49

    Scaled – blue band assisted bar MU, 75# (lady weight, but proud of it) split snatch.

    +1 split snatches
    +1 bar MU

    Good stuff.

  12. 23:02 scaled
    got two band assisted bar muscle upsin practice, but after 5 mins of aggressive attempts during the wod, and utter failure, I switched to 14 C2B muscle ups and 7 ring dips. Had a major EBE and just lost the ability get up there correctly. Brandi and Dwayne made it look smooth.

  13. 17:37
    42# split snatch
    7 pull ups (red band)
    7 ring dips (red band)

    Fun class, great coaching (as usual). I was nervous coming back after 2 weeks away but felt really good.

  14. 19:51 modifies – 95# split snatch – 14 pull ups – 14 red band band ring dips.

  15. 18:52
    8 – 75# split snatch
    4 – bar mu with green band
    400 m run

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