July 17th, 2012

New Faces

Hey CFSers, just a heads up. There are lots of new faces in the gym these days. Try and remember what it felt like when you were new. Thinking “What is everyone doing with those lacrosse balls?” and “Will someone please help me, I’m not sure I even want to know what a medball slalom is!?” Make them feel at home, introduce yourself and take them through the warm up of the day if the coach is busy helping someone else. You get it, just do what you do best, be a CFSer!

For time:
185 pound Clean & jerk, 10 reps
Sprint 100 yards
20 foot Rope climb, 7 ascents
Sprint 100 yards
185 pound Clean & jerk, 1 rep

Post time to comments.


19 Responses

  1. 4:09: Sub’d the 15ft for 20 and since my max C&J is 130(?)… I did 117, afterwards I think another 5 would have been okay, I have limited confidence in the overhead weights. Some day when I grow up… 185 strike that, maybe the ladies weight… Fun and short. Nice warm up Casey, good day for it.

    Welcome Rhonda! Eat your hearts out other times, the Darklifters are gaining!

  2. 9:46 rx’d

    The 185 lb C&J’s were heavy but doable.

    • 7:44 rx’d
      I agree with you Casey, definately heavy. I failed on the 1 when I came in from the last run.
      Good job Dave! Killed that WOD.

  3. 7:04 Rx

  4. 7:12
    125# Clean and Jerk

    This felt good, considering that the last time I did a max clean and jerk it was 137#.

    The rope climbs got tough, but Chris and I traded off and were able to keep moving.

  5. CV
    125# C&J

  6. 7:57
    110# C&J

  7. 7:35 RX – I failed on last rep too. Nice job Chris. I think you should celebrate with burgers, brats, and beer. I’ll buy!

  8. Jeff-
    rxd 4:14- started with rope climbs.
    c&j- 61#
    sub’d 5 rope climbs instead of 7.

  9. 4:43 Rx’d

  10. 8:26
    65# C&J
    Knotted rope

    55# felt a little light but 65# was so challenging I was having trouble maintaining good form.

    Great to see so many new faces this morning!

  11. 5:34
    95# c&j

  12. Lots of guys rxing a heavy c&j in a metcon. Impressive. It wasn’t that long ago and we wouldn’t have had any guys rxing these kinds of weights. I love it.

  13. 8:08
    Scaled weight and due to class size did all rope climbs first, 10 c&j, 100m sprint, 1 c&j, 100m sprint.

    Thought I would do better but hard to push with nobody doing the same round as me. Accomplished rope climbs faster than I thought I would. And… First time ever running in Crossfit workout!

  14. 5:58 Rx’d
    I think my best set of rope climbs so far. Not elite by any means but I’ll take it. Though my shin and finger tips paid the price for it on the 6th climb, nothing like the smell of melting skin in between ascents. πŸ˜€ Run not yet normal, but getting better.

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