July 23rd, 2012

Challenge Day Logistics

This coming Saturday marks the end of the 91 Day Challenge. Today we are going to review a few of the logistics of that day that will make it run a bit smoother. First, there are going to be a ton of you at the gym that day! Don’t worry, our WOD is specifically designed to get you all through in a timely fashion. Parking will be tight. Please remember that the other businesses in the complex are both open on Saturdays. As many people as possible should park across the street and please don’t park in the spots specifically marked for the BMW shop…they really heart their spots! People who have joined the gym in the last 91 days and/or are not a part of the challenge are more than welcome to come workout just like any other Saturday. Just realize it will resemble controlled chaos that day. The order of events…the gals will WOD first and do the body comp and picture after. The guys will do the body comp first, then WOD and finally end up with the pictures. This is how we did it the first day so we will keep the same schedule so we can have a good comparison. Other than that, show up and have fun! Bragging rights and a bunch of cash are on the line!


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.


35 Responses

  1. 4:53 Rx’d
    Not a PR (4:23), but a post-surgery PR. I was a little worried on the pull ups, wasn’t feeling the full mojo [yes, I’m on a mission to bring back all of the rad words from the 80’s and 90’s].
    My only real goal was to beat my 5:00 time from the Level 1 seminar couple of months ago, so I’m perfectly happy today.
    Next time… PR!

    Have fun all you Fran virgins out there!

  2. 6:24, 85#
    January I wrote “next time Rx!” oh well BUT did 10# more and over 1 1/2 min less time so am improving. 95# for me would have been beyond the intent of Fran. Quickly broke PUs 10/6/5, 3×5, 2×4+1, Thrusters are my nemesis (slow) 11/10,3×5,3×3? Next time Rx and faster!

    I was 6 months before my first Fran, it was a first for all but Shawn and I, CONGRATS – everyone did a great job meeting her this morning! Awesome time Jimmy and after all that couch potato time. 🙂

  3. 3:34 rx.
    Great job today 5:30!

  4. I will try and be in this afternoon for some Fran Awesomeness!

    Yesterday I did ChelanMan Sprint Triathalon – 1:43:32 [800m swim/13.1mile bike/5k run] – felt great to finish! Swim sucked! Came in 12th in my age group (40-44), not sure out of how many at this time.

    I would reccomend it…very rewarding.

    • Much more impressive than my week-end, a bit of running and letting a horse haul my lazy butt a few thousand feet up into the mountains…

  5. 6:32 rx’d (23 second PR)

    The last time we did Fran back in January my time was 8:25. I’m much happier with today’s time.

  6. 8:56 rx’d

    Not a pr, but I’m not even worried about it.

  7. Dang….I’m still up on Lopez Island and can’t believe I’m missing my first Fran! I’ll have to figure out doing one soon just to see how it goes. I’ll be back in tomorrow. Did a workout on Saturday….overhead lunges, 10 35 lb front squats, and running .25, 20 min AMRAP. 4 rounds.

  8. 6:43 rx’d (45second PR)

  9. Had to do this one at home
    10:26 50#; blue band PU’s.

  10. 12;22 with 85# and Blue/Red pull ups. I seem to be slowing down but I’m not even worried about it.

    I REALLY felt like quitting five thrusters into the 21’s. Extra Horrible today. Really needed the CFS awesomeness not Pancho starring at me.

  11. 7:39 rxd

  12. During break I calculated an approximation of Jimmy’s and my FRAN POWER! (approximating equal time in PUs & Thrusters, body weight and distance) but using Rx’d 95# and my 85#.
    Jimmy: 411 watts, Mark 216 watts Jimmy your light bulb would be much brighter than mine. Jimmy’s energy used was only 12% more with his 10# thruster, BUT doing it in almost 1/2 the time, his work was doubled.

  13. 7:27 RX – 9 sec pr – 4th or 5th Fran since my last pr in 2010

  14. 5:10 Rx (:29 PR)
    Felt good today…great coaching Jeff…felt calm during the storm. That helped the breathing. I smell a sub 5Fran soon!

    Great class energy today! Some good PRs

  15. 6:30 75# + red band for PUs. I just looked back and my first Fran was a couple of weeks after I started in January. Jeff had scaled me back to 1/2 the PUs with 2 bands (no kip) and only 45# on the bar, took over 8 min. After 10 days off to nurse the shoulder it was nice to be back – especially for Fran.

  16. 9:24rxd this may a double post. I posted earlier but I don’t see it.

  17. 10:27 55lb thruster. Next time, I RX it. Didn’t use any chalk for the pull ups. That’s an accomplishment!

  18. 8:26
    Blue band pull ups
    Scaled pull ups to 15,10,9
    I meant to scale to 15, 10 &5 but forgot on the last round

    Today was my first day kipping during a wod and right now stringing kips together feels like I’m exerting more effort and a little like I’m flailing around and not completely in control. I was also having some arm pain afterwards but it went away after a half hour. I’m sure it’ll get better with time.

  19. Last Fran. 33lb. Green band 16:50. Today 45 lb rxd pullups and 10:39. And also very happy to announce my Ragnar Team took 5th in the all women’s group.

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