July 28th, 2012

It’s finally here!

The day of reckoning is finally upon us. You’ve worked hard for the last 91 days. Its time to see how far you’ve come. For many of you it has meant better consistency in your WODs. For some, an extra focus on nutrition. Whatever you have been doing that has given you success don’t lose the momentum you have gained just because the challenge is over. This is my biggest fear with doing challenges that have an “end date.” Once people hit that date they feel like they’ve “earned it” and before you know it one cheat meal quickly turns back into an unhealthy lifestyle. So hit the WOD hard tomorrow, let your hair down for a day afterwards and then continue with heathy eating and exercise habits.

After tomorrow’s challenge all of the competitor information will be assessed by the coaches at a later time. The results of the performance portion of the challenge will be based on percent improvement over the first time through the WOD. The body composition portion of the challenge will be voted on by the coaching staff based on the greatest positive change in body composition and before and after picture. The final results will be announced on the blog next week. Please do your best to be on time as there will be lots of people there. CFSers who are not a part of the challenge please come and WOD just like any other Saturday morning class!

We are expecting large numbers so parking could be an issue. Please stay out of the “BMW” spots. You can park along the street. The street parking to the east of our driveway entrance is back-in-angle parking. To the west of our entrance is parallel parking. You can also park across the street anywhere in that lot.

9 AM Class

Two rounds for max reps of:
1 minute of Wall-ball shots 20#/14#
1 minute of Kettlebell swings 53#/35#
1 minute of Bumper plate burpees
1 minute of Push-press, 95#/65#
1 minute of Abmat sit ups
Rest 1 minute

Post total reps completed for the entire workout to comments

Compare to here.

10ish AM Coaches’ Class

10 minute to 3 RM touch and go Power clean

Post loads to comments.


For 12 minutes perform the following:

Minute 1-max set of Push press using 85% of today’s 3RM PC

Minute 2-max set of C2B pull ups

Minute 3-max set of touch and go Power clean using 85% of today’s 3RM PC

Repeat this 3 minute rotation 3 more times to complete the 12 mintues.

Post loads and reps to comments.


25 Responses

  1. 195 rx’d

    Good job to everyone that participated in the 91 day challenge. It is always hard to dedicate yourself to something as challenging as this and pass on the “fruits” of everyday life (sweets, carbs….love me some sourdough, etc.). I hope everyone gets a chance to get a small taste o that again this weekend ( I know I will). Keep up the good work everyone… AnD have a great weekend!

  2. Challenge workout: 223 rx’d (8 rep PR)

    Coaches Class workout: 3 RM PC @ 195 (20lb PR since June!!) and then did a 1 RM PC @ 210 (15lb PR!!)
    Did the rest of the workout at 165 lbs and got 56 reps. This workout was heavy and hard but was much less intense than the challenge workout.

  3. Amazing job on the challenge everyone! Results will be posted on the blog in the first half of this week.

    Coaches WOD
    3 RM

    Part 2
    185# for PC and PP
    97 reps

    Got 3 PP and 4 PC each round

  4. Challenge WOD 255 reps

    Coaches WOD 3RM 215lbs (30lbs PR throughout this week for Power Clean)
    Part 2: 57 reps @ 185lbs
    PP 6-3-5-4; C2B 3-2-3-4; PC 7-6-7-7
    should’ve gotten a few more PC if I concentrated on form as I fatigued.
    Throat is a bit horse with all of the grunting with push press, sit ups and… well, every rep of the coaches wod.

    • Great job to many of the challengers who really did exceptionally well! And everyone who just made progress against our nutritional challenges (i’ll count myself in that area of just progress).

      My main goal was to beat Jimmy in the workout as he laid down the gauntlet early and often, of which I accomplished! My kung fu was so strong Jimmy decided just to stay home. Jimmy, I claim your jump rope as a trophy.

  5. Challenge WOD 185 (164 previous)
    14# WBS
    35# KBS
    Burpees RX’d
    65# PP
    Sit ups RX’d

    Coaches WOD 3RM 165#
    Part 2: 54 Reps with push ups instead of C2B and 115#

    Challenge was a lot of fun and a good jump start to getting back on track nutritionally. Although I gained 2% boby fat (?) I still feel better and performed better on the Challenge WOD. I would like a “B” sample test to confirm the body comp results. I did really well during the first 60 days then the wheels fell of the bus when company started coming to town. I still think I lost a couple of pounds and stuff seems to fit better.

    As Jeff stated I am not looking at this challenge as being over. Eliminating undisciplined nutritional intake will always be a challenge for me.

    Not sure why I stuck around for the Coaches WOD it was extra horrible.

  6. Sorry I missed all the fun today. Sounds like you guys made some great PR’s. My silly back is acting up again. Hopefully I woun’t be on the sidelines too long. Brad

  7. Challenge WOD – 203 – 45 rep pr

    Coaches WOD – 195# 3 rep max

    second half – 165# 49 total reps

    No-repped myself a few times for excessive jerk.

    Great effort by everyone!

  8. 219 rx’d Nice work to the coaches that went back for another workout! Wow! Great job to all of those who were able to make it out today and repeat the wod. So many PRs and physically fit people! 🙂

  9. Challenge wod: 20? (-2 reps 😦 )

    Coaches wod:
    125 3 rep max (I’m kinda excited for that. I don’t have a 3 rep max recorded, but I’m sure it’s never been 125!)
    12 min AMRAP: 57 but as I recount it may have been 63 @ 105#

    I didn’t mind this wod at all, I wOuld rather do this type vs. FGB aNyday!!

    Congrats to everybody who finished the challenge, everyone looks great and threw down amazing #’s!

  10. C-
    3 RM-150
    used 125 for wod

  11. Coaches WOD – 230# 3 rep max
    12 min amrap: 77 total reps (195# push press & power clean)

  12. 180/ decrease of 10 from start, Rx’d but WBs at board – disappointed but I was surprised my body fat decreased since I didn’t really change my diet (Paleo 80%). I’m hoping the decrease will lead to better results as my body chemistry adjusts, I think I’m stronger and I’ve been doing 6 workouts a week for the past month or so without a lot of extra tiredness. It may also be I had a counter this time, I wasn’t real sure of the final count on the initial challenge…. The best thing is the comraderie and encouragement of the CFS group. My goal is to sweat and improve (and Rx Fran among others).

  13. 203 Rx’d

    Push press is still hard at 95. I only got 6 each round. Time to get stronger.

  14. 189
    10# wall ball, 26# kettlebell, 55# pp
    Previous score was 177

    I’m coming to terms with the fact that my gains in strength and speed are probably always going to come slowly. I was certain my body fat was going to be higher but it was down by 1/2%, so I was relieved about that.

    Quite a few people looked a lot leaner to me today!
    Great effort by everyone!

  15. 235 rx’d (previous score was 206 rx’d)

    SO glad that workout is over, but happy that we all did it! Well done today, everyone! And a HUGE thank you to Jim for the great push and encouragement in the workout today. I appreciated everyone’s support during this WOD.

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