Yings and Yangs…Steindough

Ying = a nice fermenty sour-smelling dough

Yang = you can always put it to sleep by putting it in the fridge

Ying:  this culture is fermenting in a nice warm spot, with a towel on top letting carbon dioxide escape as it grows.  You can tell it’s been fed properly because of the huge amount of bubbles it’s making.

No yang:  this poor dough is dry, hard, and filled with mold.  And, it smells like death, you would vomit if you smelled it!  And seemingly want to bury it outside covered in cement.

RIP Steindough!  I’ve killed our very own dough which gave us real foods nutrition in the form of chocolate waffles, sandwich bread, and gave life to all your culinary creations.  How it all went wrong:  I left it on our counter as we vacationed.  Normally I do this and it’s fine.  This time my tragic error was that our kitchen stayed warmer and the top somehow locked into place, not leaving any kind of air passage.

Anyone have a starter I can have?

Eat well, Friends,



2 Responses

  1. MCG has one ready to go for you. I can drop it off later in the week or leave it with my girlfriend at the office here in Marysville. Let me know.

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