July 31st, 2012

Push Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps.

Post loads to comments.


16 Responses

  1. 130# Max, most of sets at 115# working on technique (sucks). Biceps very sore after this workout (and yesterdays).

  2. 2RM: 205
    Thought I was just tired from yesterday’s awesomeness. Then I realized, yesterday I was wearing CFS wristband swag, felt strong! Today, no CFS wristband swag, felt heavy! Coincidence?

  3. 135,155,175,185,155,135

    My arms were aching during these. I think it was the slow lowering of the weight after the first rep. I need to get better at letting the weight fall quickly back to my shoulders.

  4. 2RM: 105

    Jerked 110, so I stopped there. I have a problem PP vs. Jerking and today was way better!

  5. Everything felt heavy this morning. Frustrating. Worked up to 2rm 110#, failed at 115#x2.

    • Its because you weren’t in the 9:15! 🙂

      • Annie, I need your help. I am going to get one of those ropes you bought and I am not sure I trust my self enough to measure it and order the right size. Please….:)

      • Will I see you today? I”m coaching 4:15? Here’s the website of the ropes we have, it looks like there’s a tuitorial re: how to measure your rope. Make sure you watch their Chris Spealler video too!

      • I know! I’ve hit the early class the past couple of days because of school, driver’s test and I just found out Christian has a game at 11 tomorrow! Come to the 5:30 class with me tomorrow! 🙂

      • Ok….all ordered…now comes the waiting game…im excited.

      • Nice! What color? What what rope thickness did you go for?

  6. I went for the 75-100 range rope in blue with the Bionic Blue handles.

  7. 115-125-125-125-130-135-135-140-145(1)

    My 1 RM from two weeks ago was 135, and it was questionable as being a push press as opposed to a jerk, so I’m really happy with my improvement in both form and strength today.
    Thanks to Brandie for all the help!

  8. 155-165-175-185-195-200-205 (1 PP, 2nd was PJ)
    No recorded PP in my book…so PR!!! 🙂

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