August 2nd, 2012

Attach an object at precisely 12″ above your maximum reach with rope or cord, and complete 4 rounds for time of:
30 Jump and touch
185 pound Deadlift, 20 reps
10 Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.


11 Responses

  1. 13:48 Rx
    Good to be at 5:30! Class was huge! Nice to see new faces.

  2. 20:02 scaled
    HSPU w/ 5kg plate until I failed for 3-4 minutes mid 3rd round and finally scaled down to 1 abmat.

    • I was pretty grumpy and angry with work stuff this morning. Thinking about skipping and focusing on tasks, not thinking the wod would be any good while not 100%.
      Between the CrossFit WOD where I could just clear the head working my body, and the awesomeness of CFS people and culture I left in better direction. Helped set a better attitude for the day, thanks CFSers!!

  3. 13:55 HSPU w/Pad (1st)+5Kgplate(2-4th)
    The jumps were surprisingly hard for me, started doing 5 w/ alt hands after 1st rnd. DLs broke at 10, HSPUs at 5

  4. 19:06 rx’d

    The HSPUs were very challenging for me today.

  5. 16:28 rx’d

    Hspu’s are getting better, last round I was down to singles in the 4th round after about number 4.

    ALOT of hard work from all the ladies at the 915! Good job!

  6. 11:17 Rx’d.

  7. I think my time was 13:12.
    Scaled hspu to 5 reps with 2 ab mats
    Scaled jumps to 15 reps

    This was my first time doing HSPUs agaist the wall in a wod. I spent a lot of time trying to finish the last couple of reps in the 4th round.

    Great turnout at the 5:30am class!

  8. 12:37 at Pancho’s Stength and Conditioning with 165# DL, HSPU with 45#, 25# and an AB Mat. I realized I only did three rounds after looking at my white board. Avoided my DL headaches so I was happy.

  9. 16:47 – What a WOD!
    First time attempting handstand anything so I did handstand wall stands instead of push ups! I think the blood is finally getting back into my lower body.

    Did the jumps and 115# DL … It was a big ball of hard & Fun!!!

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