AMRAP Nutrition Refuel Bar

We love to stay abreast of all the new products marketed to fit health conscious individuals; we have wicking clothes, Ben Smith’s fridge t-shirt (yes, I did add a product review.  How could I not??), and flat shoes.  Recently AMRAP Nutrition sent Paleo Digest a product to sample.  It’s good!  Lara Bars are my go to bar when I need something quick.  When the Refuel Bar is released this fall, I may be adding another to my arsenal of legit snacks.

Ingredients:  Raw Almond Butter, Unsweetened Coconut, Egg White Protein Powder, Raw Sesame Seeds, Raw Almond Chunks, Raw Honey, Ground Cinnamon, Sea Salt.

For you Carb Counters:  20 g per bar   Protein:  14 g per bar

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What is your bar of choice?

Eat Well, Friends,



6 Responses

  1. I used to be a Lara bar’er. But lately I really, really like Perfect Food Bars

    They are awesome, but very perishable (you have to keep them semi-chilled).

  2. I used to be a Lara Bar’er. But lately I really, really like Perfect Food Bars. A little more perishable (you have to kept them chilled or they go bad), but they taste awesome and are full of great ingredients.

  3. I also prefer the perfect food bars they have 4different kinds. I find them at central market and the co-op. they are not cheap though. We also get Lara bars and kind bars.

  4. Perfect Foods Bars can last up to two weeks out of the fridge and year in. They can also be ordered and shipped directly from their website.

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