August 11th, 2012

Q and A with Brooke

Brooke is one of our newest mommies in the gym, proving again that you can have children and stay in amazing shape. What an example to us all! She took 3rd place in the Performance portion of our 91 Day Challenge. Let’s find out what worked for her.

CFS- Tell us about your keys to your success on the 91 Day Challenge

I just tried to stay consistent. I didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t maintainable after the challenge was over. I wanted to eat well and workout regularly, which is something that I can keep up long-term. I felt as if I was just getting back into shape after having Bailey, so it was a good push for me to work harder.

What changes did you make, if any, from your normal routine during the challenge?

Give us a short description of your nutritional intake during the challenge-I didn’t change things up too much. I tried to be a regular in the gym (whether it was joining a class or making it in on my own time, depending on the kiddos and our crazy summer schedules). As for my nutritional intake, we already eat primal in our house, so I stayed consistent with that most of the time. I did decide to drop dairy the last few weeks just to see if I could feel a difference (this was a big deal for me, as I usually drink a latte or two a day and cheese is one of my main food groups). I found that I dropped a little weight and felt less bloated. Although I didn’t do the body composition part of the challenge (due to breastfeeding), I felt leaner at the end of the 91 days and lost about 10 pounds.

What did you do for workouts during the challenge?

I always gravitate towards the cardio WODs, but tried to make heavy days as well during this time. In addition to my regular Crossfit workouts, I did a bit of running (preparing for a half-marathon next month). I didn’t change much during the challenge, but found that just following our programming in the gym was helpful to my fitness, especially just after having Bailey.

If you could give people once piece of advice about making progress in their fitness, what would it be?

I would encourage people to start with short-term, attainable goals. Too often I think people (myself included) make goals that are grandiose or long-term, making progress difficult to see. But if you make your goals short-term, you can see progress along the way. That is what will help you continue on! One of the great things about Crossfit is that you can compare your time on a recent workout to one you did several months back, seeing how far you have come.

Fifteen rounds of:
Power snatch followed immediately by five overhead squats.

Start light and add weight.

Post loads to comments.


7 Responses

  1. Nice work, Brooke! Amazing job balancing working out with mommy demands! Not an easy feat!

    Wasn’t really sure what weight to start with. The number of reps was intimidating at first. Need to work on locking out my shoulders and getting under the bar on the snatch.
    45,55,65×2,75×2,85×2,90×2,95×3,100(ugly snatch but happy I got it),90.

  2. I got up to 105 then backed down to 95 for a few sets. I’m really happy with this, especially since my 5RM OHS from a few weeks ago was 85! 105 was hard, but I got it on my second try. 95 felt pretty easy towards the end.

  3. Well done Brooke! You really crushed the Challenge WOD. I wish I could crank out push presses and kettlebell swings as fast as you. You make them look easy!

  4. Did some Tabata something else today at work.
    Did the push ups CFS 2012 style.

    382 Rx’d.

  5. Worked out at home

    Ran 2.4 miles, quite a few hills, I had to stop and walk for about 30 seconds a few times.

    Snatch and overhead squats
    20# 2 times,, 25#, 2 times, 30#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50# 2 times, 55#, 60# 4 times.

  6. 55, 65, 75, 85, 90 (f on 3rd OHS), 65, 70, 75 X 5

    I think I went too heavy too quick. Not my fave wod.

  7. 45#-157# by 10’s/11’s until 130…then by 5’s. Made 13 rounds, then out of time & maxed.

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