August 15th, 2012

10 rounds with a 2 minute rest in between, of any (or any combination) of:
30 burpees
Run 400 meters
Row 500 meters
75 Double unders

Post your choice of exercises and times of each round to comments.


11 Responses

  1. 35:42 Rx’d
    B-1:42; Run-1:48; Row-1:44; DU-1:17
    B-2:06; Run-1:53; Row-1:46; DU-1:45
    B-2:06; Run-1:40
    The double under gods were in a good mood today, thank you. I will sacrifice a squirrel later today in thanksgiving. (of course they’re much easier when you get a 2min rest)
    I thought we’d have trouble getting everyone under the time cap and everyone smashed it, great efforts!

  2. 34:54 rx’d

    B-1:47, run-1:35, row-1:38, du-1:32, run-1:48, row-1:50, du-1:27, run-1:46, row-1:49, run-1:42

  3. D: :46
    Run: 1:25
    D: :38
    Run: 1:23
    D: :39
    Row: 1:43
    D: :40
    Run: 1:41 😦
    D: 1:15 😦
    Run: 1:27 🙂

    Total Time: 29:37 RX
    (Sorry Burpees, maybe next time… 🙂

  4. 35:15
    1:33,1:35:143,1:41 run, 2:03,single unders 2x,1:35 burp, 1:53 row, 1:33 singles, 1:49 run, 1:50 row

  5. Crossfit surprise, AZ….. 3person team wod 20min. AMRAP
    Shuttle run, kbs 35lbs., situps. In 7 3/4 rounds and did 177 situps 113 kbs. It was a fun wod.

  6. “Chelan Cherry Picker”

    5 rounds for time of 100 meter sprint
    10 95# Thrusters


    I didn’t have it in me to do the CFS WOD.


  7. 36:24 Rx
    don’t have the math skills to break out, but did 3xRun, then 3xDU, then 3xRow and finished with Burpee.

    fun class – lots of hard work. Chased Chris the whole time…

  8. 32:23 rx’d

    Alternated 1 400 meter run and 75 du’s for 5 rounds each.

    Thanks for the foot race Ben!

  9. 40:34 rx’d

    I swam, I’m no fool to run in this hottness. I really liked this swimming wod and smoked all the kids around me. It’s days like today I’m so thankful I’m a crossfitter and get to change up the routine. I can’t imagine going back to the same thing over and over and over. Blah!

    I missed you Glenn!

  10. 43:47 at home – 30 Burpees x4, 400m Run x 3, 40 GHD sit upsx 3. Knees too sore to do du or more running.

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