August 17th, 2012

Support the community!

Need your windows washed so all this lovely weather we have been having can be experienced inside your home in all its glory? Why not go with someone you know? Cam is home from Stanford for the summer and he is ready to make your windows sparkle! His bids are lower than the commercial guys, he’s got 4 years of experience doing it and if you’ve seen him in the gym you know he knows what it means to work hard. Support the CFS community, give Cam a call!

Three rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
Run 400 meters

Post times to comments.




11 Responses

  1. 10:52 rx
    Thanks for the push Craig! You were right on my heals!!

  2. 13:58 rx.

  3. 10:17

    Subbed 55# SDHP’s (20 reps) for the rows.

  4. Random question: Does anyone know of a good place with stairs to train in the local area? [CFS/Silver Firs]
    Knee rehab idea, I think it’ll help train it back to moving normal, trusting it. Box jumps/steps help, but there’s something different about stepping/driving ‘through’

  5. RSVP ride day 1 -104 miles (Huskey Stadium to Bellingham) 6 hrs 11 min moving time. Tomorrow remaining 84 miles to Vancouver. Stay tuned for time.

  6. At work: Treadmill for running. Subbed 75# SDHP (20 reps) for rowing. 11:30
    Thanks for the help Annie!

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