August 18th, 2012

Mo Swag!

Car stickers will be in next week! Rep our box with pride. Just like the CFS wristbands now adorning every well muscled wrist in your household (right?), every one of your family’s rides should be representing as well. Just like the bracelets have shown over the last few weeks, WHEN PEOPLE WEAR THEM TO THE GYM, to increase power output and make you much more yolked, ripped or toned (depending on your preference), the window stickers are sure to either increase horsepower, take swirly scratches out of shiny paint or clean up gluten-free fishy crackers out of car seats (depending on your preference). Who would miss out on those benefits and risk being harangued by me every time you come to the gym? I think I’d just put the sticker in the window. Look for them hot off the press at the box next week!

50-35-20 reps of:
Wall balls

Post time to comments.



11 Responses

  1. I am in for at least five stickies. Just got back from Canada where I represented with my CFS wristband the ENTIRE time! Next week off to Chicago to spread the word!

  2. 18:47 Rx’d
    note to self: don’t forget/shorten the bottom half of the kip, you’re losing valuable energy! fix it!

  3. 20:30 rx’d

    For some reason I got stuck on the first set of 50 DUs for a while. The 35’s were a little better and then I got the set of 20 straight through. It was wack, people. Wack.

  4. 21:15 10# ball; green band; did 3x the du number of singles. And YES I want a car stickie too!

  5. 26:11 rx’d

    Butterflied it, and felt pretty good. They gave out though. 😦 DU’s weren’t that bad!

    This WOD is a double whamey of my weaknesses, I was dreading it going into it, but so glad I did it and it’s over!

  6. 16:16 Rx’d Wanted to get under 16:00 but the double unders said “Not today Brad”

  7. 20:14- rx’d wasn’t able to come in Sat. to do the wod. Wanted to skip this one all together, but with each passing day it continued to haunt me. Finally, just bit the bullet and did it this morning.

  8. 17:49 Rx tired tired tired

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