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August 23rd, 2012

Five rounds for time of:
275 pound Deadlift, 5 reps
10 Burpees

Post time to comments.


15 Responses

  1. 4:17 @ 205 lbs.
    Great working out with Jeff this morning!

  2. 5:38 Rx’d, thanks to Casey giveing me confidence to do the full weight. Probably wouldn’t want to go much higher, be more careful on form, lower butt so shoulders and butt can move up more together.

  3. 5:38 rx’d

    The burpees were slow of course but dare I say that they felt a little easier than normal?

  4. 4:27 Rx’d
    Amazing that Jeff’s virtousity and effort can get him to move so fast. I did not stop and my transition to deadlift couldn’t be more than 3 seconds but Jeff was still 20% faster! The only way I’d be able to keep up would be to ‘move better!’

  5. 7:20 at 66#

    The weight felt good, but heavy in the middle and light in the end because I was racing to beat Grant on the burpees! Like my Dad, I feel like burpees are not my strongest excercise, but they were a bit easier because I set a goal of eight minutes halfway through the WOD and I got it, by 40 seconds.

    So, all in all, a good WOD was had by all in the 9:15!

  6. 5:10 rx’d

    For me it was the dls! HEAVY! Thanks for the great encouragement, Matt! You kept my buns moving!

  7. 3:46 Rx’d

  8. 5:24 225# DL

  9. JV
    3:00 rxd. 2 second PR over my time in 2008. Talk about baby steps!

    Great working with the darklifters this morning! Great choices on scaling for a couple of our back guys and nice rx by Mark pushing the envelope just a bit on the weight. All round good class by everyone. Loved the cool down jog, Casey.

  10. C-
    3:13 Rx’d
    185# DL
    I thought it was 3 rounds for some reason. Stopped and looked at my watch which said 1:45 and knew there was no way! Then it dawned on me it was 5 so I kept on going. It was interesting being out of my comfort zone like that because I’m so used to pacing myself. Can’t say I enjoyed the last 2 rounds at all.
    Thanks for the cool down jog idea, Casey! I liked it. I liked it even better since I didn’t have to jog with Callie 🙂

  11. 7:38 RX – good to be back

  12. This was my first WOD in two weeks. Note to self: Don’t take two weeks off….BAD IDEA. I had grand plans of getting to Crossfit in Boston and surrounding areas but we were so busy we didn’t get to do a workout….just barely made it to Southie to pick up a few shirts and meet the people there before catching our plane home. Therefore, this workout was pure torture yesterday and I even went really light on the deadlift weight. BUT, I have to say thanks to Ryan for the tip on driving the heels into the ground with the deadlifts…it really made a difference in how they felt.

  13. 5:43- rx’d. note to self… don’t do after a cheat day meal from Famous Dave’s. OMGosh that was bad.

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