August 28th, 2012

CFS Swag…on the Road

Now that we’re getting more and more baller swag lets see it out there displayed for the world to see! Here is Abby high above Lake Chelan. She and Michelle D. were obviously “moving well” to make their way to the top of this hike. Thanks ladies! Send us your pic of CFS swag on the road!

30 rounds for reps of:
Work for 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds

6 work sessions will be double unders, 6 will be Kettlbell swings 53#/35#, 6 will be row for calories, 6 will be box jumps 24″/20″, pacers (the lines will be 12′ apart-every touch of a line with a hand is a rep-touch with alternating hands).

Post total reps for the whole workout to comments.


19 Responses

  1. 336 Rx’d.. (no thanks to the Double unders or lack of)
    80KBS+88Pacer+80BJ+61Row+27!DUs… Fun, kept quantity/interval

  2. 662 reps Rx’d
    312 DU, 84 KBS, 99 Pacer, 94 BJ, 73 Row

  3. 480 reps Rx’d
    150 DU, 94 KBS, 90 Pacers, 66 BJ, 80 Row
    Backed off slightly on pacers, was paranoid about all of the turn/twisting on knee. But it actually went well, with heavy concentration to make sure I moved well.

  4. Random question: what’s a good source for baby/infant/child nutrition?
    Obviously start natural and then as CFS Real Food as possible will get me a very solid foundation. But I feel that less than 3 months out I should get a bit more educated than that. And don’t want to educate myself in the wrong direction.

    • I can’t speak for the Paleo aspects, I think those are obvious to us and easy w/ veggies/meats while the parents are in control. I know both our kids never saw formula until weaned at the normal times (1 yr or so? my wife would know exactly). Both kids had very little to no baby health issues and even as kids there have been no immunity issues. My wife wasn’t doing strict Paleo or “real foods” during pregnacy or breast feeding but we ate a lot of meat / veggies during this time and were very active. Side note: “clean up” I understand is less odiferous if the baby is breast fed…

    • Check out nourished kitchen website she just posted about this on the 27th. I have no advice to give since my kids started primal later in their lives.

  5. 577 rx’d

    Felt good today. Thanks Joyce and brad for the helicopter sounds around me during du’s.

    Dawn- drivers side brake light is out!

  6. 389 rx
    Thanks Chris for the heads up…on the light

  7. 567 Rx’d

  8. Well, I only got 267 total but it was my first RX!! Yay!

    I have to apologize though because I was so excited about RX’ing that I forgot to put my kettlebell and rope away. I’ll clean up extra next time I’m in.

  9. 498 Rx’d. Wimped out at the end, so know I can do even better next time! CFS bonus – Get Chris K to show you how to really tie your shoes – the CFS way! – Joyce

    • No laughing, this really works. Thanks for calling me out Joyce. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I think I’ll get at least an additional 20-40 double unders now that my shoes won’t come untied mid-WOD. Thanks for sharing Chris!

  10. JV @ work
    In the following order
    KBS(96), DU(342), Pacer(117), BJ(121), Row(70)
    746 rxd

  11. 416 RX

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