August 29th, 2012

Team CFS

Have you ever been part of a team? Most of us have. Whether at the office, in sports, on the battlefield, in your household or anywhere else, being a part of a good team is special. It goes way beyond winning and losing. The support, camaraderie and acceptance felt in a team is one of the most gratifying things that can be experienced this side of heaven. Teamwork really does put on display some of the best that humans have to offer. It is the manifestation of our identity as fearfully and wonderfully created beings. If you’ve never been a part of a good team then in all reality you aren’t a member of CFS to begin with. Anyone who has hung around here long enough knows that there is something in our gym that goes way beyond fitness. If you workout with us regularly you are and always will be a part of an amazing team. That being said, we have an opportunity every year to take our team to another level. To give us, as a team and as individuals, a chance to have a real tangible goal. This opportunity is called the Reebok CrossFit Open. It runs in early spring and involves 5 workouts, one each week. Each athlete does the WOD at our gym and is judged, by one of our judges for proper range of motion. Each week the scores are posted and you get to compare your fitness to approximately 50,000 other CrossFitters to find out where you sit. This gives you a well-rounded fitness benchmark each year to gauge your progress. THat alone makes it worth doing, but the really cool part is that we also get ranked as a team both regionally in the NW and worldwide. The more members we have compete the better chance we have of ranking well. So, in short, WE NEED YOU! The WODS are very well written so that ANYONE in our gym can compete. For instance, the first WOD was 7 minutes of burpees. If you can do one burpee you are in! I am posting this early this year to give you a chance to get ready. Let us know in comments if you plan to compete. If we, as coaches, know you are competing expect a little bit of correcting on borderline rage of motion and maybe even a “No rep” here or there! This is for your own good so that there are no surprises in regard to the standards come competition time. Open veterans let us know why we should compete! Stay tuned for future posts on this subject regarding, our team goals, and swag related incentives!

10-8-6-4-2 reps for time of:
Box jump, 40″ box

Post time to comments.


37 Responses

  1. It’ll be 4 years this fall that I’ve been involved in this wonderful community (team) that Jeff has built. The crossfit workouts, the focus on proper movement, the ability for me to go out and do very physical activities and feel great doing them has all be great. But equally great has been the camaraderie, support and friendship that there is in this community.

    You can count me in for the cf games 2013, but I think I will need some mid-week judging… . seems like I was gone most weekends last year.

    • Woohoo! Our first team member! You won’t regret it. It is a lot of fun and it really keeps your focused during the year leading up. We are going to make the best effort we can to acommodate as many people as possible. Maybe one weekend and one mid week opportunity to do the WOD? We’ll see. We’re glad you are aboard. It really is a lot of fun.

      I will be team member number 2. I love the Open because I don’t have to do more than one WOD a day or leave the comfort of our box to compete. JV is in!

  2. I am in!

    I was a little intimidated at the thought of competing last year so I did not sign up. As we know the WOD’s are all scalable for ALL skill levels so I am going to use the run up to the Open as a little motivation to keep me on track (Nutritionally and WOD frequency) through the Holidays.

    Side note: If you are ever feeling bad about your body image spend a day at Great Wolf Lodge in the water park. Instant Improvement.

  3. I’m in, I HOPE I have fully functional body, full range HSPUs Double Unders and Muscle ups and and and… by then 🙂 A good aspect of Crossfit is wherever we’re at physically, if committed we have support from our peers to improve in fitness and discipline.

  4. 18:48 -> 3x Ring Dips/Pull Ups and 37″ box.
    Funny but the box seemed to shrink as the WOD progressed, I was wishing (kind of) that I’d put another plate on 1/2 through. It was intimidating at the start. The Ring Dips slowed me way down!

  5. 30:31 crashed
    3xPull Ups + 2xRing Dips w/ red band, 36.5″ box
    Planned 2xC2B and 2xRing Dips…. but spent 90 seconds on 5 failed ring dips. Usually I can get them out 1/2 at a time with rest. I must’ve been more wiped from the previous 2 days than I thought. uber-crash to the psyche, took a little while to shake it off. Only good thing is I shook off the ego (well, partially) and went and grabbed a band for help rather than stupidly banging my head against the wall.
    It’s probably good to record those bad days where we get crazy frustrated, be honest with outselves. Then realize we’re human and move on to awesomeness again. Realize how good we have it.

    I’d like to blame everything though. Extra high gravity, tectonic shifting throwing off balance, increased dark matter, chinese polution across the pacific, russian spy poisoning, other people doing well, other people not doing my work for me and most definitely the snow storms of last year on the east coast caused my weakness today.

    • I was very impressed on your sticking with it. I usually set the bar lower at that point.

      Don’t forget the storm battering New Orleans… lot’s of bad vibes from that.

    • I think the main issue was me showing up at the 05:30 class. MAJOR disruption to the space time continuum.

      Nice way to power through a less than perfect day. Amazing efforts come from both PR days and high gravity days.

  6. 10 rounds for time of :
    Get woken up by a crying toddler.
    Diaper check, offer child food, rock child back to sleep, Ninja walk out of room. Wake child up at sound of door clicking. Beg God for sleep, Bring toddler to bed and dodge flying hands and feet to the face every time you try and close your eyes.

    Oh, and Rx’d.

  7. I am in for sure!!! Sept will be 2 years @CFS, and I have loved every minute. Can’t wait for the Open!

  8. I highly recommend the games. My first love of CrossFit is that it’s a day in day out attempt to make our lives functionally physically and mentally better. Ready for any unknown obstacle.

    But there is something unique about “Game Day”. Where there is a singular objective where you try to make that moment your best. Sure every day we try, but it’s a unique experience to temporarily focus on one goal [wod]. Finding out the right amount of sleep, finding what is the perfect nutrition (quality/timing/amount). Trying out different strategies before “Game day” (3 sets of 10 or 2 sets of 15???) Trying out different techniques (butterfly or kipping pull ups???). Usually we balance training with results, but on this day it’s all about the results (staying safe-moving well of course). Visualizing how best to mentally stay strong and focused. Overcoming a challenge you might not otherwise take on. And then on that day squeeze out the best your body has to perform on that day, irregardless of those around you.
    There is a special experience in REALLY trying to find that moment of personal excellence.

    We can’t hit that level of involvement because CrossFit is designed to integrate in a real life with real (more important) families and careers. It wouldn’t be worth it. But to just ‘Go For It!!’ every now and then can be a real learning experience.
    Experience Game Day!

    • I was thinking of my favorite athletic “game day” experience. I’ve had the chance to play a little at the top USA rugby league, but my best experience is when my lowly Division 2 team in Denver went for the national title. None of us were exceptional athletes, like the speed gods or brickhouse beasts on my current team. I’m a better player now than I was then.

      But we had an objective, Sweet 16’s in Rhode Island, and our group of average athletes just did whatever we could to find our excellence that year. Even the fat kids were running the 2mi before practice no matter what, guys were not drinking as much, people made it training without fail. When the snow closed the fields we practice in the parking lot (of our bar 🙂 ). People were committing to the strategies. We took 9th? that year nationally, but it was a proud moment as we were undefeated until that game, including crushing the regional championship. And prouder still because we absolutely made it as far as we could, with our average joes playing ‘beyond themselves’, and was only beat by a team that was excellent, not because we played poorly.

      So in reference to wether or not you participate in the CrossFit Games, don’t worry directly about the ranking, just find a way to be the best version of yourself. Often that’s the real goal!

  9. 11:28 über scaled.

    1 x pull ups and 1 (one) ring dip with a green band. box jumps were 24″ box and a 45# plate so around 28

    • über commitment, thanks for showing up.

      (Like Shawn I need to quit looking at this site today – frustrated coding today)

  10. Chris, first MU! Video coming soon! Made it look easy too!

    7:02 rxd

    • 9:58
      Used 40″ box and 1 blue band assisted MU’s.

      Felt so good doing the MU’s that I got some pointers from Jeff after the WOD and not only did I join the MU club but I got 3 after the WOD and then had to leave. Can’t wait to rx a WOD with these in them now. Excited!

      • Oh…I’m in for the second year in a row for the open. Last year I went in with a little hesitation because I was the guy with less than a year at cfs and doing the open with all the power houses in the gym. I am extremely glad I did it, not only for my own benefit but for the gained comraderie around the gym.
        This is a great group of people and I wouldn’t trade it for anything… me some cfs!

      • Nice work Chris!

      • Nice work Chris!!!

      • First, great work. Now, I’m upset w/ myself, double unders require a Zen state to do (I’m okay with that, frustrated but okay). Muscle ups are a balance of strength and technique. I want these!!!! I’ve watched Ben, Cam now you. $10 to the first coach who’ll get it through my thick noggin (okay I’m cheap) that’s 2 on the same day.

      • Most excellent!

  11. 11:51 Rx’d
    I’m for the Games this year! For anybody that has never participated in te Crossfit Games, it is well worth it. As Shawn stated earlier, it absolutely brings out the best I you. You’re only competing against yourself, but knowing that just 1 more rep may put you in front of 100 more people, seems to bring out that killer attitude in everybody. I highly recommend it for everyone.

  12. 20:19

    BJ’s rx’d
    Round 1: 4 MUs
    Round 2: 1 MU
    Round 3: 1 MU
    Round 4: pullups and ring dips
    Round 5: pullups and ring dips

    Count me in for the competition!

  13. Did 3 pull ups and 3ring dips per 1 mu used purple band on dips can’t seem to get more then one dip at a time without the band. Used 32″ box… was harder to do those for the fear then anything.

  14. 15:58 – scaled (river WOD)
    MU 1/2 – 5,4,3,2,1
    36″ BJ 10,8,6,4,2

    36″ was highest I could build with stability. Was pretty high though…don’t know about 40!

    1/2 MU were all I could muster wo making this long and slow. Out of practice!

  15. I love the Games. I’m in!

  16. I’m in. John talked me into it last year and it was a blast… except for my toe. 🙂 Annie, I hope you are in again!?

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