August 31st, 2012

New Targets

Hey CFSers, we’ve got new WBS targets. The gals will shoot at the red board and the guys will shoot at the black board. The middle of the respective boards are the targets. Not the bottom edge. Your goal should be to hit the middle of the board with the middle of the ball with proper technique and range of motion. When you can’t do this during a WOD you need to take a break. Enjoy the targets!




AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

1 Rope climb

2 Handstand push ups

3 Presses @ 75% of today’s 1 rep max (bar will be taken from the ground)

4 Strict pull ups

Post rounds completed to comments.


18 Responses

  1. Yeah!!! No more taking the ball in the face anymore on a bad bounce….im excited now….thats strange for me to say when it comes to WBS.

  2. No excuses…blast!

  3. 145×1,155×1,160×1,165xF,165×1
    Then 5 rounds + 1 rope climb + 2 HSPU Rx’d

    I was really impressed with how well Mark was able to move today. I felt like I was moving in slow motion compared to him.

  4. 110# on Press, shoulder issues (Dr J found it! right wrist flexibility-wow)
    7 +1 rope BUT sub’d 15#+1pad for shoulder on HSPU. It did feel funny pacing Jimmy but then I had a light Press and easy HSPU! 8 ropes was murder on my foot though.

  5. 85,90,95 (f), 95, 100 (f)

    Someday 100!!

  6. Press: 95, 115, 136, 145, 155, 160 (5lb PR!!), 165F

    136 lbs you say? How is that possible you say? Well when you aren’t paying attention and you put a 10 lb plate on one side and a 5 kg plate on the other side you can get a weird number like 136. Constantly varied…

    Ran out of time so couldn’t do the second WOD.

  7. 75lbs. 5lb pr. Congrats to Kandi she got 100!!!!!!
    Then got 4 rounds plus 2 press. Used 2 abmats and then 1 round with pullups then had to add a purple band.

  8. 5 rounds + 2 press (115#) rx’d (155# 1 rep 5# shy of previous pr since weight loss)

    Congrats kandi!!!! Triple digits…awesome!

  9. 75, 85, 85, 90, 95,100 fx2, 97.5, 100! FINALLY! Thanks for the words of encouragement and coaching Matt and Dawn. So happy!
    5rounds +1 rope climb, 2 ab mats for hspu, 75# press, strick pull ups still have the hickup at the beginning, need to work on getting rid of that. Thanks for sharing the rope, Gary.

  10. I’m sure there was good reason to do more arm work today, but I woke up basically unable to even move my arms today (and I think I overdid something in my trap area), so I compromised with the mainsite WOD for today: Run 800, rest 2 minutes, 3 rounds. Carole went to the track with me, and I have to say that this was the best running has ever felt for me. I’m definitely starting to feel a difference in my running ability/endurance. I have no idea what our time was but I do know that we shaved about 30 seconds off our last 800m! I think Carole has accurate times on her phone. My 7-year-old ran 400m every time we did the 800m so that was fun to have him do it with us.

  11. 150 lb press. 10 lbs under previous max.
    Used 115 for the press on the AMRAP.
    7 rounds + 4 pull ups.

  12. 4 r + 2 PP Rx
    PP @ 125

    Press 1-1-1-1 (165#)

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