September 1st, 2012

Don’t miss our Nutrition 101 class at 10 AM. If are a CFS member and have never been to this class open your schedule. Good nutrition is more important than exercise when it come to improving your health and body composition!

8 AM Class

CrossFit 101

9 AM Class

Back squat 1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to comments.

Compare to here.


1 mile run for time

10 AM

Nutrition 101



6 Responses

  1. BS: 225, 245, 265, 275 (10lb PR!!), 275
    Mile run: 7:06 (1:02 faster than my last mile!!)

    Not only did I get a 10 lb PR on my back squat but that’s like 40 lbs more than I’ve lifted in well over a year! Thanks Andrea, K-Starr and John Welbourn for telling me to bring my feet a little closer together and stop pointing my toes out so much. Night and day difference!

  2. 150,175,185,195
    Mile: 8:15

    I don’t have a mile recorded, but I felt great about it.

  3. […] know Brad (the guy who smoked us all on the mile today).  He recently asked two of his favorite trainers (Ryan and I) for a favor.  Not being […]

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