September 3rd, 2012

9:15 CLASS ONLY!!!

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

Post loads to comments.

Compare to here.


In teams of two or more:

Row the total equivalent of 1500m per team member as fast as possible. Partition the meters between the team however you want, but each member must row at least 1000m.

For instance a team of 3 people would need to row 4500m with each person rowing at least 1000m by the end. They can break it up into 500m rows, 250m rows etc.  For the sake of time make the teams as small as possible.

Post results to comments.


11 Responses

  1. 1RM: 385
    Tried to be careful working up since I tweaked my lower back last Wed, shouldn’ve stopped at 385. doh!
    Great job team on the row and helping each other transition.

  2. DL: 285, 335, 355, 385, 400 (15lb PR!!)

    Years ago I decided that 400lbs was a long term goal. Very satisfying to finally achieve it!

    I don’t know what our team time was for rowing but I kept a 1:26 pace for the first 500 meters and a 1:30 pace for the second 500 meters. The second round was horribly painful.

  3. 1RM DL-Worked up to 275 (15#pr)
    Team row = fun. Nice work Annie, Casey, Paula and Michelle.

  4. Worked up to 205

    Team row=painful! But fun! Great job, team!

    • Awesome job on the row! Sorry you got cut short on the deadlift. I know you would have gone much higher had we had more plates and time; you made 205 look crazy easy.

  5. Deadlifted for form and back repair today.
    5×5 @ 135

    Team Brad, Mark, Abby, Cam, and Shawn: 17:43
    I didn’t even know I could pull a 1:35 once, let alone hold it for most of my first 500, so that felt great. 1:45 pace on the second 500 and then sprinted the last 100 meters.
    Shout out to Casey for going into superhuman mode on the row.

  6. Deadlift:355# max, back to 345 for last, form marginal (PR ? 20#)

    Really liked the team WOD, like Cam was surprised at my pace though I did die during the last 100 of the 2nd.

    Enjoyed working w/ all the new people/visitors.

  7. Congrats to Kandi, Casey and Paula today for their deadlift PRs!

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