September 13th, 2012

Maddie…more than meets the eye!

We know what Maddie can do in the gym. We’ve seen her pull ups. We watched her Rx the 100 Thrusters the other day. There is no doubt she is an athlete. But, like so many other CFSers there is a lot more to her than one might guess and with her humble personality she sure isn’t going to tell you about it. So I am! Check out this girl’s accomplishments below and how you can help her achieve one more of her goals…

·         Maddie graduated with Honors this spring from Glacier Peak.

·         Maddie completed her CNA last week and got her certificate.

·         She assisted as a Doula to a young women in a 48hr delivery this summer (she need a couple more deliveries to satisfy her Doula requirements to sit for her International Certification).

·         She is working at PRC (pregnancy resource center) helping young, unwed teens and young moms with pregnancy information and decision-making process.  She will be there 2 days a week throughout the fall in preparation for her application to UW Nursing program.


·         Maddie has just been accepted as staff at Mexico Caravan Ministries beginning in January! She will be there for  8 months after she completes her AA in pre-nursing in December from Cascadia Community College. She is seeking financial support to help her off-set costs in Mexico.   She won’t ask – so I thought we should on her behalf. There will be a letter and card posted on the Community Board in the gym with information on how you can help her out. Also, check your email for contact info regarding this issue.


Five rounds for time of:
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Burpees
30 Glute-ham sit-ups

Post time to comments.


17 Responses

  1. Wow! Congrats Maddie! We would love to help such a driven young student! Nice work! 🙂

  2. Congrats Maddie on all your accomplishments, present and future! Excited to support someone like you!

  3. But we’ll miss you!! Great pic, btw!

  4. 40:02 Rx’d
    kept my GHD sets a little shorter than normal to ease back in with the tweaked back. Went mostly well. I’m going to regret those 150 GHD’s! I meant to scale back the rounds but was moving ‘fast’ enough and thought ‘why not’. Tomorrow I’ll remember why not. 🙂

  5. 28:53, sub’d KBS: Odd rnds 2pood 15 reps Even rnds 1.5Pood 30 reps; 20 GHD situps 5 rnds
    Good hard WOD, glad for chance to do some 2Pood KBS

  6. Holy Frijoles Maddie!!! It is awesome to hear about someone with such amazing aspirations and even more amazing to know she’s accomplishing them – and right here in our CFS gym 🙂 I’m more than happy to support! Way to go Maddie!

  7. 22:23 – Not Rx’d…Scaled but still a sweaty best! I have to admit, the burpees almost made me want to stay in bed!!

  8. 31:10
    Round 1- rx’d
    Round 2- rx’d ish only 7 rep ghdsu’s then switched to abmat situps x 2 (46 reps abmat)
    Round 3- sub’d abmat situps x 2

    Thanks for the note today Ryan….I am very glad that I didn’t do all three rounds…very good day to swallow your pride in order to fight another day.

    Good job everyone today….

    Also….there was a “Ben Sighting” at the 915 today. Nice to have ya….Plus Dave was there today- we will out number you ladies one day….:)

  9. 44:50 Scaled – 1.5 pood, abmat situps – 5 rounds 30 reps each

  10. Very cool, Maddie….you. are. AWESOME! Talk about inspirational. Congratulations on your many accomplishments!! 🙂

    • 31:06, 4 rounds, 26 lb kettlebell, 10 GHD situps and 20 abmat situps for each. I was going to stop at 3 rounds but decided I could try for one more.

      Major effort in there today….very nice work 9:15! That was a doozy.

  11. 38:12 – scaled
    5 rounds
    30 KB @ 1.5p
    30 Burpee
    30 Situps (2 rounds GHD, 3 rounds abmat)

    Lower back did not feel up to try Rx – tough workout scaled. Honor to have done it today Hansen!

  12. Nice work Maddie! Good luck on your adventure. I spent a lot of time in Tijuana while living in San Diego. You will enjoy your time in Baja.

    P.S. The Zebra’s on Avenida Revolution are not really Zebra’s.

  13. 23:32
    18 # kettle bell
    20 burpees
    10 GHD situps

    Kind of regret not trying to do 30 burpees.

    Great job to Shawn for Rxing the workout. That was reallyimpressive!

  14. 29:55- scaled
    5 rounds
    15 kb 1pd
    30 burpees
    30 ghd sit ups

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