September 15th, 2012

9 AM Class

In teams of 3 complete:

3 miles of running

30,000#/20,000# of deadlifting

300 pull ups

Get it done however you want, in any order you want, broken up however you want, with your choice of weight on the bar. The only rules are that each team gets only 1 pull up bar and one lifting bar. The weight on the bar can be changed during the WOD at anytime.  For teams with two men and one woman the rx’d deadlift total weight goal will be 27,000#. For teams with one man and two women the rx’d deadlift weight goal will be 23,000#. Normal scaling rules apply. Choose weights and volume that are safe for you. It will be easier to do this if athletes of similar experience and ability join up together.

One example of this WOD for an all male team would be to complete a mile run each, then do 100 reps of 300# deadlift as a team and then complete 100 pull ups as a team.

Post details of your team and time to comments.


3 Responses

  1. 25:16 Team John Glenn

    Scaled to 15,000 lbs. (sounds impressive) 100 pull ups (Green and Green/Blue) and 1.5 mile run.

    John and I split this one up evenly and went with 185# Perfect scaling suggestions from JV and John P. Annie suggested we knock out the run which was good as well. It was nice knowing we were done with the run as we watched a Team head out on their last sprint.

    I felt challenged and tried to just keep moving.

    John just kept grinding his way through his reps and motored on. Nice work John!

    Saw TONS of new faces. I need to get in more often. Awesome day at CFS.

  2. 25:52-Team Michelle, Abby, Kandi- 300 pull ups, 21,000# dl, 3mile run. So grateful to team up with two awesome runners! Thank you so much, Michelle and Abby, for running the entire 3 miles. While they hit the road, I did 19,005 lbs of the deadlift and we all chipped away at the pull ups. Again, not sure I did an entire hundred because of my super partners! Thanks for letting me join your team. Fun work out!

  3. Team Casey/Dave/Shawn
    27:46 Rx’d
    Great team, especially loved the sprint for the final 400m run as a team. Great final push! Thought the 300 pull ups would take longer, but the team pulled through nicely just chipping away at them 4-8 at a time.
    Though I did re-tweak the lower back/hip again 😦 thought I was healed. Here’s hoping it clears up quickly.

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