September 24th, 2012

The best probiotics…

Our next featured product for sale at the gym is Megaflora probiotic supplement by Megafoods. Probiotics are positive bacteria that have a profound effect on your digestive health, immune system and overall health in general. It is on my very short list of “must” supplements. Most of us have taken antibiotics at one time or another, don’t eat enough cultured foods and do not naturally consume enough positive bacteria to sustain healthy levels in our bodies. Thus, our immune systems, digestive systems and over all health are compromised. When looking at a probiotic you really want to look for 3 things. First, a long list of different strains (ours has 14 which is amazing). Second, a high probiotic total count. Ours has 20 billion which is outstanding¬† (Megafoods also makes a 50 billion, but they really recommend that high specifically for recovery from antibiotics). Finally, it sn=hould include a specific strain called lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, which Dr. Mercola says you are wasting your money if it is not in your probiotic. Ours has this specific strain and most others do not. The Megaflora we have will have 60 capsules which is a 2 month supply for $30. You will not find a supplement that exceeds the quality of ours or is as reasonably priced. Again, we are not some sort of rep for these companies and will make minimal profit on these products. The whole point is to allow you to make an overall healthy lifestyle a reality for you. Enjoy!

21-15-9 reps of:

225 pound Deadlift

45 pound 1-arm Dumbbell Over head squat, right arm

45 pound 1-arm Dumbbell Overhead squat, left arm


21-15-9 reps of:

225 pound Deadlift

135 pound Overhead squat

Compare to here.

Post choice of WOD and time to comments.


15 Responses

  1. 8:08
    OHS @ 115lbs
    DL @ 225lbs.

    Thanks Ryan for helping me out with my Snatch!

  2. 8:48: sub’d 30# DB OHS, 35# would have been better but it got away from me once and tweaked (R) shoulder. Had issues keeping elbow locked – shoulder mobility issue I think. No break on DLs, did break OHS a few times.

  3. 13:5x -scaled
    DL @ 225#
    OHS R1 @ 135, R2&3 @ 115

  4. 12:57 Rx’d

  5. 11:22
    205# DL
    45# R/L arm dumbbell OHS
    Nice work Matt!

  6. 9:44
    125# DL
    31# OHS

  7. 12:24 Modified
    225# DL
    95# OHS

    Chris! – Missed you today. 9:15 had 3 men there today.

  8. 7:14 unbroken.
    65 deadlift
    35 OHS
    At first I was scared but I feel like I have to believe I am stronger than I think. Next time more weight

  9. @work
    Did the tabata hang power clean/push press wod from awhile ago. Total score 140. Didn’t keep track of score for each round or each movement.

  10. 13:57 rx’d

    I should have scaled this one.

  11. 11:26

    225 dl
    95 ohd

  12. 15:45
    87# DL
    55# OHS

  13. 8:38
    175# DL
    75# OHS

  14. 6:21 Rx’d [did Oct 11]
    All sets unbroken, though I did take my sweet time on the transitions.
    Patience was the key, not rush the sets but find the pace and just keep moving. Didn’t lift my heels on OHS but kept having to correct my weight off of toes. I think my knees are too far forward. Last few reps of each OHS set were tough, in that good way.

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