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October 10th, 2012

Universal Principles of Movement Part 2: Core to Extremity

Annie shows us here what is called triple extension for the clean. This is the “jump and shrug” we always practice in our clean progressions. This jump and shrug with straight arms is a great example of a “core-to-extremity” movement. The core (primarily the glutes, hams and quads doing the work and the abs and back muscles stabilizing the spine to transfer the work being done) must do all of it’s required work before the weaker muscles (of the arms) begin to bend. If Annie were to be in this same aggressive jumping position with her arms bent she would be losing some of the force production of the jump because her bent arms would be absorbing some of the power. As we see it here all of the power put into the ground by her jump is going straight through her spine and down her arms directly to the bar. This “core-to-extremity” concept is crucial to the success of your olympic lifts including the clean, snatch, push press, push jerk and split jerk. It is also a key concept in movements such as the wall ball shot and thruster. If the extremities begin work before the core you are moving in a less than efficient manner. This makes things harder. CrossFit is already hard. Lets work to make it easier! Bonus points for the first person who can name two other movements in which adhering to this universal principle of movement is crucial for maximum efficiency.

For time:
100 Burpee pull-ups

Ideally, the pull-up bar is one foot above your reach.

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.


32 Responses

  1. Today’s Deadlift make the list?

  2. Kettlebell swings and sumo deadlift high pulls to name just two.

  3. 17:58
    8″ bar reach – only other option was 15″…I left that to Jeff! πŸ™‚

  4. 17:37 w/ 9″ bar reach
    I met a guy once, 120lbs and 5’2″ish. Said he loved rowing. Sure others definitely go faster than him but loved rowing wods because he loved the stimulus. That’s how I feel about this wod, really like it despite my 255lbs and don’t care if others go faster. Just more work/fun!!

  5. 12:26 7.5″ reach – the 12’s were taken – I couldn’t even reach the one Jeff used… all no kips-jump/pull. Had trouble keeping the count I repeated a bunch a few times if not sure…
    Good way to break up a lot of burpees and pullups (am I weird?)

  6. 18:32 with the tallest pull-up bar (9 inches)

    4:45 PR over last time!!

  7. 20:24

    Not a pr 😦 My last time in 3/2010 was 18:27. 😦

  8. 16:04 rx (12″)

    I hate to say it but I loved the hurt from this WOD….I don’t know why especially since I really dislike burpee’s….just felt great today.

    • I normally dislike Burpees but the combo also felt good, I didn’t rush it but didn’t take any breaks either. I changed hand position each time: palms -> right front/left back, left front/right back then both away (I wasn’t comfortable with jump/grab palms front). Other than Jeff and ? this WOD penalizes large muscle mass.

    • Where did you find a 12″ bar?

      • Matt measure with my reach on the very last bar by the bathroom and said it was 12″ to the top of the bar….i didnt verify, just went with it.

      • You might have longer arms than me.

  9. I’ve been thrown for a loop by having what I think was bronchitis to now getting over a stomach bug. I’ll have to start super easy when I’m back, but I’ll be back! I’m hoping I’ll have a bit of energy tomorrow to at least do a mini-WOD.

  10. 14:10 8″ reach

  11. 23:16 with red band
    This makes me want to conquer the pullups even more since using the band not only took more time to get in and out of but at the end I was soo tired it was hard putting my foot in the band.

  12. 18:12
    10 rounds of 10 pull-ups & 10 burpees
    I started with the blue band but after I had to break them up on the second round I added the red band.

    • Grouping was a good idea w/ the band but I bet it was tougher not having a break between each burpee/PU. I’m always motivated with how hard you push it, good job.

  13. 23:48 I was totally dreading this wod – but it felt better than I thought it would.

  14. 13:56 16″ jump

  15. 19:46 – tallest bar 10 or 11 inches – this took me 35 minutes in 2010

  16. 11:57 rx’d

  17. after an all day internal battle with myself, I showed up! 19:56…. I did Jumping pull ups on 2x 25 pound plates. now that it’s over, I’m glad I did it…. but I want to go on record and state I still hate burpees!

  18. 16:06

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