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October 17th, 2012

Thomas M. Martin


U.S. Army First Lieutenant Thomas M. Martin, 27, of Ward, Arkansas, assigned to the 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, based in Fort Richardson, Alaska, died on October 14, 2007 in Al Busayifi, Iraq, of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit with small arms fire. He is survived by his parents, Edmund and Candis Martin; sisters Sarah Hood, Becky Martin, and Laura Martin; fiancée, Erika Noyes; and grandmother, E. Jean Martin.


Complete as many rounds in 25 minutes as you can of:
7 Muscle-ups
155 pound Thruster, 11 reps
14 Toes-to-bar

Post rounds completed to comments.


12 Responses

  1. 3 rounds + 4 Muscle Ups
    Bar muscle ups, 105# thrusters
    I was really glad to get the first four muscle ups in a row, because I’ve never gotten more than two in a row.

  2. Hi Dave. I wasn’t sure how to reach you but I was wondering if you still had time to make my Crossfit shirt?( If you do and please don’t feel pressured ) I would bring you a dry fit shirt that I was going to wear for the race because cotton isn’t a friend during that time. Thank you Wendy
    I will be leaving Friday Nov 2

  3. 5 rounds scaled as follows-

    Round 1, 2-4 MU’s
    3, 4, 5-2MU’s
    11-95# Thrusters
    14-toes through rings (space issues)

    Had a full minute to get one last MU but failed after taking a good breather before. Crazy WOD.

  4. 3 full rounds of:
    3 pull-up/3 ring dip per muscle-up x 4 each instead of 7
    11 thrusters-42#

    but only got to 5 toes-to-bar on the third round before time ran out, although I’m happy I was able to do the toes-to-bar. I’ve tried a few before, here and there, but always ended up going back to knee-ups. Was able to do them all today. Well, all except #6 on round 3 that I worked on trying to get for a full minute before time was up.

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice, Thomas.

    • Need to add that I used the red band for dips and blue band for pull-ups except the last batch of pull-ups I had to add the red band. My arms were toast!

  5. I would like to take a vote. I think if any part of your body bleeds during a workout automatic RX

    2 rounds plus 21 ring dip
    First attempt at even attempting a muscle up. I would like to set that as a new goal by may Though not saying what year 🙂

  6. What a WOD, my hands and shoulders are shot! I made it through 4 rounds + ring dips/pullups and 3 thrusters.

    Scaled tons becuase my body was pissed after yesterdays ring dips! All in all, I call it a success….as long as I don’t need to use my hands tomorrow!!

  7. 2 rounds & 5 pull-ups & 3 ring dips
    3 pull-ups & 3 ring dips per muscle up
    Started with the blue band then went to the red band on the pull ups. Used a red band for the ring dips.
    65# thruster

    I expected to be able to be able to move a lot faster today (I felt like a slug). My arms felt like jello all day, so that must mean something good, right?

    Great to see Matt today (I think he thinks the dark lifters are a bit crazy to be working out at that hour). For those of you looking for a class that’s less busy come to the 5:30 class! We could use the company, we’re dwindling in numbers right now. Think of how happy you’ll be when you’ve finished your workout and it’s not even light out yet.

  8. 3 rounds + 10 thrusters
    Scaled: 95# thrusters
    21 pull-ups
    21 ring dips

  9. 2 rounds + 5 assisted muscle ups scaled
    blue band assisted muscle ups
    22 hip extentions and 11push ups per round for thrusters….. stupid foot means no barbell 😦

  10. 3 rounds + 4 Thrusters Rx’d.

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