October 18th, 2012

Robb Wolf has seen the light…

For years the strict paleo community has been promoting the consumption of extremely high levels of fish oil. There are a few reasons for this. They tell you to get most of your dietary fat from nuts which are high in omega 6 fatty acids causing the need for lots of omega 3s from fish oil to balance things back out. They also have recommended lean meats and no dairy which essentially eliminates our only sources of EPA and DHA (the most readily usable forms of omega 3) from our diets, again causing a need for extra input in the form of fish oil. Robb Wolf, Author of the Paleo Solution, and a super smart guy who I agree with on almost everything, has been from this camp. I have also heard him criticize cod liver oil in the past.  Recently, I read on his blog (in this post) that he has changed his tune a bit and, to his credit, he was willing to admit that he was wrong before. He is now recommending omega 3 supplementation in moderation (2-4 grams per day) from fermented cod liver oil. The same recommendation we have had all along (thanks to the Weston A. Price Foundation). He has realized that excessive omega 3 consumption contributes to oxidative damage in our bodies leading to cellular damage, again, the same thing that Weston A. Price has been saying since the 1930’s. So what does all this mean for us? Here is the take home message.

Get most of your fat from pastured, animals, eggs, wild fish and raw dairy from pastured animals. Take only the highest quality cod liver oil in moderation (3-5 of the capsules that we have at our gym or 3/4- 1 1/2 tsp. of the gel). Use nuts in moderation as a fat source. Never use vegetable, corn or Canola oils. Instead, use butter, coconut oil, olive oil, bacon grease, palm oil, tallow, lard and bacon grease.

These have been our recommendations all along and always will be. It’s just nice to have a smart guy like Robb Wolff agree with us. Heck before you know it maybe he’ll be  admitting that we are fearfully, wonderfully and thoughtfully designed creatures…well, maybe we shouldn’t hold our breath on that one…

Every minute on the minute for 16 minutes complete:

2 Deadlift on the even minutes

15 box jumps on the odd minutes.

Post deadlift loads, box height and any modifications to comments. In the rare occasion that you can’t complete the box jumps or deadlifts in their respective minute, skip the exercise that was to occur during the next minute and finish the set you are on. Then on the following minute get back on track.


40 Responses

  1. Huge BTW…Dwayne got his first muscle up! Made it look easy too. Nice work Dwayne!

  2. Yay, Dwayne! I’m glad I got to witness it. It was beautiful!

  3. Can you duplicate it sometime for the rest of us Dwayne?! Not surprised you got it… Nice job!

  4. Thats awesome! I only wish I could make it to a 515 class so I could see.

  5. WOW!!! I’m so impressed!!

  6. Great job Dwayne!! (again $20 to the coach who can teach me to do it:))

    Did all rounds, 295# (my 1rm is 355 but 5×5 is 345?) this was too light, started BJs at 24 but 1st 3rnds were 30 sec so started adding weights, ended up at 29.5 ins. in only 10 sec longer. Be aggressive on goals.

    Encouraging class, liked Annie’s warm up

  7. Could the Junk Yard Dog warm up be named after one of my childhood heroes?

    I need some white tights with the word thump on the booty for sure.


  8. Had the pleasure of attending a Shawn class last night and an Annie class this morning. Killer coaches. Great class and great cues on the thruster last night from Shawn. Awesome class and great mobility with Annie this morning. Seriously, it’s like wodding with Kstar. I’m telling you people, our coaches are legit. You will not find coaches like ours at other gyms. Listen to them they know what they are talking about!

  9. Now that I’ve commented on the important stuff I’ll post my results.

    395# DL
    30″ Games style BJ

    Fun WOD!

  10. 225# DL
    16″ Box
    Could have done more on both..trying to figure things out as I learn the cross-fit world. Shouldn’t take long with coaches like Annie!


    • This was a great starting point, especially as your 4th real class. With this recorded, you’ll be able to improve upon it next time. With your lifting background you’ll be doing what you want to be in no time.

  11. 175# DL
    24″ Box.

    A few jump up, step downs happened in each round. It’s amazing what a difference 4 inches are.

    Mark, I tried to go heavy as you inspired me to, but that was all I could do at 6:30 in the am.

    I liked this WOD a lot!

  12. 125# for the first two then 135# DL
    16″ box

    I’ve done the 20″ box a few times now, but for today I wanted to make sure to keep moving quickly and didn’t know how well I could do that with the 20. Glad I did the 16. At first, I wished I would have tried a little more weight for the DLs but actually by the end I could feel my form getting a little sloppy so it was probably just about a good weight for me today.

    I liked this one! 🙂

    Nice job Dwayne!!

  13. Couldn’t make it in today (darn job is cramping my style) but was able to make due from home.

    115# DL x 5 instead of 2 (115# is all the weight I have available at home so I did 3 extra just to push myself a bit more since the weight was light)
    20″ box jumps (courtesy of my dad – he built me a box 🙂

    • Only 215# on the DL but trying to work on my form. Thanks for the help Brandie.
      30″ box jumps
      I went to the 5:15 just to see the amazing Dwayne!

  14. 175 lb DL
    20″ Box Jumps

    I like this one. I may be getting a little too comfortable on the 20″ box though, and probably should go with the 24″ now and then for more of a challenge. Maybe if I do this one with Annie next time, she’ll inspire me.

  15. Did yesterday’s wod “Tom” today.

    3 rounds + 4 Thrusters Rx’d.

  16. Done with Strict pull ups for deadlifts and GHD Sit Ups for box jumps. I miss my barbell.
    A little suspicious some my my pull ups missed that last inch of ROM, but figured I have ‘no-rep’d Annie enough that she would’ve been happy to let me know if I missed. 🙂

    Great group this morning. I have no idea where Annie keeps coming up with these ‘constantly varied’ warm ups.

    Favorite moment this morning though was when Ellen came up to me/us with a big giant smile and told us she finally made the 20″ box and ready for it in the next workout. Love seeing people fulfill potential we know they have! Just like Dwayne and his muscle up!

  17. 315# DL, 30″ Box


    1 Burpee for every year is your gift from crossfit! 🙂 Love you.

  18. Nice work on this WOD by the 415 and 515 classes. The 515 class crushed the box jumps!

  19. This WOD was a hot mess! It was super fun but challenging. I thought I was going to puke at round 5! I started with the 20″ box on round one but at the advice of my wise coach John, I jumped down to the 16″ to really get through the 15!

    175# DL – Felt heavy today, I think I am just sore
    16″ box jumps

    Good work 4:15, you all rocked it!

  20. OH – BTW, I am 90% done with the Paleo Solution, I am glad this came out now before I was totally brainwashed!!! But for all that haven’t read the book, I highly suggest it….so much so, I will let you borrow my copy…and if you don’t eat paleo, I will make you a meal and turn you towards the light….walk towards the light my non-paleo pals 🙂

  21. 135# DL
    20 inch box
    This workout finally pushed me to start jumping off the box, rather than stepping off the box.

    Fun5:30 a.m. class! Great to see some many people, and I always enjoy Annie’s warm ups and enthusiasm.

  22. 325# DL
    Box jumps @ 24″

    On the BJs I focused on no pause at the bottom and I have to say those 8 sets if BJs were the best I’ve done in years.

  23. 235# DL, 24″ BJ (First round was 30″ BJ, but took all 60+ seconds so an adjustment was in order!)

  24. 335# DL -30″ box
    Completed all rounds Rx

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