October 23rd, 2012

So Monday’s Part B. workout was tough and it was designed to be.  It would take a real beast to complete each of the 12 rounds in under a minute.  Pat yourself on the back if you got 6 to 8 rounds.

The purpose of a workout like that, with a time goal for each round, is that with the short-term time goals you have to push yourself to work intensely and go ‘unbroken’ on as many reps as possible in order to get in all reps for one round under the minute time cap.  As you all probably experienced, it is really tough to get that much work done in under a minute after a round or two.  You probably really had to push yourself to not stop and rest before you absolutely could not do another rep.  If you had the whole 12 minutes to do as many reps and rounds as possible without any concern to how fast that you did each round,  you may not have been motivated enough to put out the same amount of effort.

Today’s workout is a little less ‘intense’ and more focused on building our skills.  Enjoy. – John P.

Workout of the Day

Part A.

3 minutes of double-unders for max reps

 Part B.

Every two minutes, for a total of 20 minutes (10 sets), perform:

Hang Snatch x 1 rep


Start light and build the weight used over the course of the 10 sets.  For example, if you expect to be able to handle 100 lbs. for one rep you might do the following:

Set 1: 65 lbs. (65% of 1-RM)

Set 2: 70 lbs. (70%)

Set 3: 75 lbs. (75%)

Set 4: 80 lbs. (80%)

Set 5: 85 lbs. (85%)

Set 6; 90 lbs. (90%)

Set 7: 95 lbs. (95%)

Set 8: 100 lbs. (100%)

Set 9: 105 lbs. (100+%)

Set 10: 105 lbs. (100+%) 

But you do not have to be locked into those numbers, that is just a suggested plan.  If you start feeling like you can’t go heavier or your form starts to get bad, feel free to go back down in weight and just work on technique.  As long as you get 10 solid reps in, you did the workout right.

FYI – If the class is fairly full, your coach may ask you to team up on a bar with another athlete.  This should not be a problem because you both have a full two minutes to do your one rep each and then adjust the weights.  You could even alternate and have one person do their lift the first minute and the other person do their lift during the second minute.  It would be helpful to pair up with someone who is going to use weights that are close to the amount that you are going to use, so that you do not have to change the weights as much.

No need to spend a lot of time on warm-up sets for part B, other than maybe 1-2 reps in order to re-familiarize yourself with the hang snatch.   Take your time during each round, you have 2 minutes whole minutes to do your rep and then add weight .  Try to really concentrate on your form and not just the amount of weight lifted.  If you fail at a given weight, either go down 5 lbs or 10 lbs. or stay at that weight the next round. 

Please note your lowest and highest weight in comments and/ or on the whiteboard at the gym.

 Example of score:

A. 100 reps

B. 65 lbs/105 lbs.


21 Responses

  1. I’d take yesterday’s (I think) over today’s… both of my favorites: double unders and an overhead max weight WOD.
    I’ll call it 25 and 87-115 but failed a few times higher and at 115, got the 10 reps but moved down if failed. Tech is getting better, the only way I got the 115 up was to get under w/ locked arms, if I had to press any, the (R) shoulder was in pain and I failed.

    Big group glad to be back.

  2. A. 143 DU
    B. 115-160lbs
    Thanks for the form work Ryan &Jeff. Need to add Snatch into my “work on” regime.

  3. A. 136 DUs
    B. 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160, 165F, 155, 155, 155

  4. A: 25ish DUs
    B: 75-105 – I stopped increasing weight about set 5 to work on the form

  5. A. 330 DU
    B. Hang Squat Snatches

    Funnest wod I have done in awhile.

  6. 165 du’s

    Hang PS 4 rounds only…made it to 135# and tweaked something so I stopped so I could make it tomorrow.

  7. A. 10
    B. 42-62lbs

  8. Heel finally feeling a little better but still not good for barbell…. I miss you Bob.
    So I did the GHD/Muscle Up WOD from the mainsite. Subbing 3 C2B and 3 Ring Dips per muscle up . Checked the ego at the door and used purple name on ring dips to work on form and increase intensity and volume. 18:11

  9. 203 DU’s
    135lbs for hang snatch. Really struggled with these… 😦

    Great to be back!

  10. 152 DUs Spent too much time breathing hard between misses.

    Hang Snatch: 45-65. Strong enough for more. Just too scared for some reason…..

  11. A. 110
    B. 55-80

    My form just kept falling apart… So frustrating!

  12. A. 56. But I’m sure how accurate that is, my memory was not working when I wrote it on the board.
    B. 55-95

  13. 25 DUs
    42# – 57# Snatch

    I need to continue to work on getting down deep and not widening my stance too much. Part of this is a trust issue, I’m worried I’m going to lose control of the bar overhead and not be able to control where it gets dumped (namely away from my head).

  14. a. 43 pull ups 3min, 73 ghdsu 3 min.
    b. 65/85 hang squat snatch (90# hang power, couldn’t get the squat)

  15. 100 du – 140 snatch – failed – 150

  16. 172 singles since I can barely jump rope let alone do a double under!

    I struggled with the snatch, started at 42 and maxed out at 59, I failed 3 times at 62 😦

  17. 75 DU’s
    95/150 Hang Snatch 155F

  18. A. 177 DU
    B. 65-110#

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