October 29th, 2012

Too often in an effort to use a heavier weight or in the midst of a metcon, due to fatigue or trying to go too fast, we sacrifice the good form the we know we should be using.  This occurs particularly often during overhead movements, including thrusters.  This is usually due to either flexibility issues in the shoulders and upper back, failing to  fully finish the movement and get the bar all the way overhead and our body under the bar, using too heavy a weight or a combination of all or some of these factors.

Take a look at the photo above, notice how far forward the bar is in the panel on the left.  Compare that to the panel on the right, where the athlete has fully extended the barbell overhead and gotten all the way under it.  Can you see how much more the athlete’s body is stacked up in a straight line under the barbell, centering the barbell over the athlete’s feet, in the left panel of the photo?  

Try to be self aware of whether or not you are hitting the position on the right when doing thrusters, push presses, presses, etc.  If you can’t tell if you are doing it correctly, ask another athlete in the class or the coach to watch you do some practice reps and tell you whether or you are getting under the bar.

Workout of the Day

A. In 15 minutes, build to a 3-RM Thruster (keep it to five or six attempts at most, but no need to keep going once you hit your max weight for 3 reps)

B. Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in five minutes of:
135/95 lb. Thrusters x 5 reps
Pull-Ups x 10 reps

Rest exactly five minutes, and then…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in five minutes of:
Burpees x 10 reps
Wall Ball x 10 reps


23 Responses

  1. A: Bench Press 3RM: 235lbs
    B1: 5 bench press 205 lbs & 10 ring rows per round (good call on the weight Ryan)
    3 rounds + 4 ring rows
    B2: 10 GHD sit ups, 10 hip extensions & 10 burpees per round
    3 rounds + 4 GHD sit ups

    I got to see barbell today, but it was kind of like a prison visit, not quite satisfying. Someone’s watching the whole time, you can’t do what you really want, you’ll just be in more trouble if you try anything. Probably just Crossfit karma because I haven’t dialed in the bodyweight movements. Like Odyssius I am kept away from my loved ones by the Crossfit gods until I have proven myself worthy on gymnastics.

    • Since you dredged up Odyssius…
      “Of all that breathes and crawls across the earth,
      our mother earth breeds nothing feebler than a man.
      So long as the gods grant him power, spring in his knees,
      he thinks he will never suffer affliction down the years.”

    • When looking at what I’ve posted to the blog I sometimes wonder if I should be checking my milk for breakfast rum. 🙂

  2. A: 105# before R shoulder said to stop
    B: 4 rnds + 2Pull ups @ 95#
    3 rnds + 2Burpees, WB 20# but 30% on center brd (no rep’d lower or if missed wall).

    (did I mention – dislike strongly WBs…)

    I appreciate all you darklifters’ positive atitude (today wasn’t mine).

  3. Left knee doesn’t want to bend since Friday’s WOD – hopefully nothing too serious.

    A: 125# press – (squatting motions weren’t going to happen today)
    B1: 3 rnds + 5 press 95#
    B2: 3 rnds + 10 sit-ups (subbed 10 sit-ups for burpees and 10 ring rows for WBs)

  4. It was nice to be able to work on heavy thrusters. Never really done that and I know how intimidating they are when they come up in WOD’s.
    Worked up to 135# 3RM-need work.

    A. 4 rounds plus 4 pull-ups at 105# should have done more weight. Maybe 115#
    B. 4 rounds plus 8 WBS rx’d

    This combination was pretty cool. Im a fan.

    • 125# 3 rep max
      A. 5 rounds + 2 thrusters at 115#
      B. 4 rounds + 6 WBS Rx’d
      Once again Chris takes the checkerd flag by a half a car length. Great effort today!
      Really tired today but had a fun class : )

  5. The new Blue Shag carpet at CFS does not make Burpee’s better.

    • You don’t like it Glen? It’s incentive to control your breathing for the top of the burpee. I expect to see you on Wednesday when the place looks all shiny and new, just for you. 😉

  6. A. 3RM Thruster-175
    B. 5 + 1 Thruster Rx’d.
    C. 4 + 10 Burpees.

  7. 185lbs 3 rep max

    A: 5 rounds Rx’d
    B: 4 rounds Rx’d

  8. 74# 3 RM
    A: 3 rounds + 5 thrusters @ 52#
    B: 2 rounds + 5 wall shots

  9. A. 167 pounds
    B. 4 rounds +3 thrusters RX
    C. 3 rounds +8 wall balls rx

  10. A. Thruster 3 RM: 175 (30 lb PR!)
    B. 4 rounds + 1 thruster rx’d
    C. 3 rounds + 1 Burpee rx’d

  11. A. Thruster 3 rep max 75# (2 reps at 77#, failed on the 3rd rep)
    B. 3 rounds and one set of thrusters (55#, blue band)
    C. 3 rounds and 1 round of burpees

    Great job this morning darklifters!

  12. 105 # 3rm thrusters
    3 rounds + 4 pull ups(95# first 2 sets of thrusters, failed on set 3 so dropped weight to 85# for last 2 sets)
    3 rounds +10 burpees 14#wb

    • Btw, thanks Brandie for the push at the end. I probably would not have finished the burpees had I not heard u push me to finish them.

  13. A. 145# 3 rep max
    B. 4 rounds (115# thrusters/ pull ups rx’d)
    C. 3 rounds + 10 burpees rx’d

  14. A. 95×3
    Shoulder was not mobile!
    B. 3 +6 pull ups
    C. 3 + 2 wbs rx’d

  15. C-
    140# on 3 rm thrusters
    5 + 1 thruster rx’d
    4 + 1 wb 14# ball

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