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October 31st, 2012 – Happy Halloween!

***Please take note, there is no 5:15 class this evening.  Today there will only be a 5:30 AM, 9:15 AM and 4:15 class***

I want to apologize in advance for including a form of  burpee in the WOD 3 days in a row (a new CFS record?), but it will be worth it.  I think you will really like the combination of these two workouts today, so hopefully it will be worth it.

The movements in today’s workouts also include box jumps.  There is a tendency for some athletes to unintentional fail to fully open their  hips at the top of the box jump, in either an attempt to go faster or just because of an unintentional lack of body awareness.  This can usually be corrected by requiring a small pause at the top of the movement to give emphasis to the need to stand up fully and open the hips before jumping back off the box.  An example of that is shown in the link below.   Please follow that standard today.  You do not need to pause overly long, just be sure to stand up and open your hips completely before coming off the box. 

Video link regarding box jumps and fully opening your hips on top of the box

The burpee box jump over is performed by facing the box , doing a burpee and then jumping over the box.  It is okay to land on the box as you go over it.  As long as you go over the box, either by jumping all the way over or jumping on top of the box and then off the other side, you do not need to stand up fully on top of the box in order for the rep to count on this movement.

Workout of the day

A. Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 6 minutes of:

185/135 lb Power Clean x 3 reps

30″/24″ Box Jump x 6 reps

Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups x 9 reps

 ***Rest exactly 4 minutes*, and then . . .*** 

B. Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:

185/135 lb Shoulder to Overhead x 2 reps

24″/20″ Burpee box jump over x 4 reps

Pull-Ups x 6 reps

*If there is a big class, extend rest between Parts A and B to about 6 minutes so that a second heat of athletes can do Part A as soon as the first heat is done with it.


13 Responses

  1. A: 3+2 pwr clns ->sub’d 135#, all C2B were right height some did not touch chest.
    B: 3+2 burpees ->sub’d 115#, (shoulder)
    I liked this WOD, I thought I was pacing this too much on A until the end of B and realized it came out about right for being wasted. The total effort snuck(?) up on me by the end.

    Dr Monti (at Elite Sports) found an issue w/ my shoulder – good back up to Dr Jacob.

    Enjoy the kids / costumes tonight!

  2. Had to bastardize this until the only similarity was the time domain.
    A: 3 rounds + 2 C2B using 6 C2B, 10 GHD sit ups, 15 hip extensions
    B: 3 rounds + 1 clqp push up using 2 HSPU w/ abmat, 4 clapping push ups, 6 pull ups

  3. 3+PC 145#, 24″ Box Jumps, C2B Black Band (shoulder)
    2+Shoulder to overhead 135#, 24″ box, Black Band PU

    I have not been doing pull ups because of shoulder/elbow issues so I decided to use a black band and work some in. Felt good. Great group this morning with great coaching.

    The floor was so clean I actually hugged it a couple of times.

  4. Happy Halloween CFS! have fun and don’t eat to much candy!


  5. Sorry I missed it. I’m giving the knee a couple of days off until I get to the Dr. on Friday.

  6. A: 3 rounds + 3 PC’s 75#
    B: 3 rounds even

  7. A. 3 rounds 115# Failed at 135#
    B. 3 rounds + 2 STO
    Great job on the box jumps today Sandy!

  8. A. 3 rounds plus 1 PC #85lbs
    B. 3 rounds even

  9. A- 4 rounds rx’d

    B- 2 rounds plus 1 burpee bj rx-ish ( I may not have locked out completely on a few reps ).

  10. A. 3 rounds + 6 PC’s 155#
    B. 3 rounds + 2 STO 155#

  11. A. 3 rounds + 4 C2B. 72# then felt that my form was terrible so I dropped it to 62# on the last round. Red/blue bands. 20″ box.

    B. 3 rounds + shoulder to overhead. 62#. Blue band. 20″ box.

  12. C-
    A. 5 + 2 BJ did 130# on PC
    B. 4 + 2 S2OH 130#

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