November 6th, 2012

The Highway 9 throwdown starts tomorrow! Here are a few thoughts regarding this event. The WOD will be a mystery each week until you come to class. Everyone from both gyms will be able to post an Rx’d score. The competition is meant to do a few things. First, it is meant to be fun and motivating. Second, it is meant to prepare you for the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Open. If you can do this competition then you can do the Open. Third, it is meant to heighten your awareness of your range of motion. Since it is a competition there will be some movement standards that we will ask you to adhere to. Finally, it is meant to let us see how we stack up fitness-wise with another gym that is about the same size. Enjoy!


Work Out of the Day

Part A.

CrossFit Snohomish vs. CrossFit Lake Stevens WOD 1 (to be revealed at the gym)

Part B.

B. Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes*:

20 Double-Unders

10 Toes to Bar

10 Double-Unders

The goal is to complete each round in under a minute. Then you rest until the beginning of the next minute to start the next round (you can’t start early).

Your ‘score’ is going to be the number of minutes it takes you to finish your 6 rounds. The ideal score would be ‘6’, if you finished all the rounds in under a minute. If you go over the minute allowed for a round, I still want you to complete the remaining reps, but then wait until the start of the next full minute before you start the next round. Here is an example to illustrate what I mean:

Minute 1: Completed all reps in 0:45

Minute 2: Completed all reps in 0:46

Minute 3: Completed all reps in 0:50

Minute 4: Completed all reps in 0:55

Minute 5: Did not completed all reps for 5th round under a minute

Minute 6: Completed all reps for round 5 and then waited until next minute to start the 6th round

Minute 7: Did not completed all reps for 6th round under a minute

Minute 8: Completed all reps for round 6

Score = 8 minutes

The RX’d # of toes to bar is pretty tough to hit for 6th rounds. You might want to consider scaling the number of toes to bar to 5 reps if you have trouble with that exercise. Or, scale it by subbing in 10 to 15 sit-ups instead of toes to bar.


23 Responses

  1. A – 53/29/19 = 101 Rx

    B – 11 Rx

  2. A: 46+40+26(?)=112 note the card looks like 26 but Greg added it up as 20) I’m going w/ 26 🙂 I’ll bring the card tomorrow for an official determination! Hey this is important!
    B: I sub’d 10 DUs for each and 15 situps but couldn’t finish any in the minute so I just continued straight through until everyone finished.

    • Sorry for the poor penmanship, but it was 20. I only remember because I did 23 and I was proud of myself for beating you on that particular part. Don’t take that away from me :).

      • You are the animal Greg, you’ll get the middle exercise up soon. Of course maybe if I’d known how close I was to you…

  3. Part B- 6 minutes

    Then did one of John’s WODs from last week. I was the 2 minutes on 2 minutes off WOD with row, burpee, KBS, sit ups. 249 total score.

  4. A – 47/8/23 – 78 Rx

    B – 12 – 10/5 for the DUs and T2B became knee ups after the first round. Pretty sure I lost count numerous times, I just tried to keep moving the whole time.

  5. As much as I wanted to fully participate in the entirety of this WOD….I was unfortunately unable to do part 1 and part 2 of the challenge. Had to skip 3 due to existing pain.
    A- 98 rx’d (no part 3 😦 )

    B- rx’d 10:14 ( score of 11 )

  6. A. 114 rx’d (47, 42, 25)
    B. 14 rx’d (13:xx)

  7. Did some hang clean + power clean + push jerks, coming to a gym near you soon. Then some behind the neck jerks and weighted pull-ups. Then part A.

    Part A: 131 reps RX

    Did Part B yesterday, 8 minutes RX (7:10)

  8. A: 121 Rx’d
    B: 10 min. (Subbed sit-ups for toes to bar.)

  9. Part A: 67 rx’d

    Part B: had to leave at 10:05 for preschool pick up so wasn’t able to participate 😦

  10. Part A: 88 rx’d
    Part B: ? not sure. I didnt do a good job of keeping track, but we did 12 full minutes

    Part A was fun. I’d like to try it again – I think I can do better. Need to learn to push myself.

  11. I don’t remember what I got for A (70 something….wasn’t able to do pull-ups without the band so I didn’t count those) and I didn’t keep track of B at all, but we also did the 12 minutes.
    Thanks Joyce for doing the double-unders. I wish I could have done more toes to bar for you! For your hard work, I swear to practice double-unders daily at home. Or maybe every third day.

    And so everyone knows….I’m not a bad counter. Joyce KICKED BUTT on part A. NICE WORK JOYCE!!! I have no idea how you barely rested during the last part. I was completely wiped after 5.

    • Val- Thanks for being my partner for today. Glad NOT to have to do so many Toes to Bar!

      Love when I can “game” a work-out a little bit. Got 109 Reps (RXd!) by focusing on the box jumps and deadlifts.

  12. A. 77/31/14 – 122 RX’d
    B. 13 min (Scaled 10x10x10)

  13. A. 114 reps Rx’d (43/40/31)
    Part 1 decent but could’ve focused more, part 2 really happy (thanks James for the healthy push) and disappointed in the last part. Really wanted a patient set of 20… Maybe I can blame not touching barbells in a month.

    B. 9 rounds scaled to 7 T2Bs per round

    Big props to all those who tested themselves especially in difficult or near max efforts.

  14. A. 71/40/xx = 111
    B. 9:00 (8:33)

    DL did not count because not Rx. For some reason, that detail escaped me. Should have done the Rx weight. Sorry team CFS!

  15. A. 100

    B. 8:00
    Scaled to 5 dus, 5 t2b, 5 dus

  16. 64/27/23 – 114 rxd deadlift surprisingly heavy! Scaled part two 10-10-15 for round 1 then quickly scaled even more to 10-10-10 time was around 10minutes?

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