November 9th, 2012

**CF Open Competitor/CF Performance Improvement Class @ 10 AM Saturday**

This weekend we will have a special class that is offered after the regular 9 AM class.  It will start at 10 AM and will go a little over an hour.  It is geared towards getting athletes ready to compete in the CrossFit Open, but anyone wishing to improve their performance when doing some go to CrossFit exercises is welcome to attend.  There will be a workout at the end of it, but the workout is definitely one that you could do in addition to the regularly scheduled Saturday 9 AM class workout if you wanted to attend both classes (but if you come to the 10 AM class, please come with the intention of doing the workout along with the rest of the class). 

And yes, there will be burpees 🙂

– John Pavlic

Workout of the Day

A. Take 20 minutes to work up to a 1-rm max Clean and jerk

The goal is either to practice your technique or, if you either you have never set a PR or are really feeling like your form is locked in today, to go for a new PR.  Do your best not to sacrifice form for a PR, because bad form will come back to haunt you later on.  No need to do more sets than needed or multiple sets after you have found your max one rep weight for today, but feel free to use the whole 20 minutes.

B.  6 min. AMRAP:

30 Clean and jerks with 135/95 lbs.*
As many HSPUs as possible in the remaining time

*If you can Rx the weight using good form, go ahead and RX it even if that means that you may not have much time left to make attempts at the HSPUs.  The goal here is to work hard and relatively fast for 6 minutes.  If you are going to only be able to do 3 reps of clean jerks each minute from the very beginning of the 6 minutes (because at that weight each repetition is a max effort), then you should scale the weight.


15 Responses

  1. I WILL learn to butterfly on Saturday.

  2. A. 205#C&J (225# F -prev PR)

    B. 35 reps total RX
    (3:39 Grace – :45 sec PR)

    Great 5:30 class today. Thanks for coaching John…and pushing me. I needed it.

    • Ben…very respectable time for Grace. Even more impressive to me was the amount of HSPU’s after that! Great job buddy!!!

  3. Beached whale wod (describes how graceful I look)
    8 rounds: 26:35
    100m Swim
    11 push ups
    Rest 1min

  4. A: 135# – form, form, form
    B: 30 reps @ 95# – never made it to the HSPU

    Thanks for the coaching today John.

  5. A. 205 lbs C&J
    B. 33 reps rx’d (3:50 Grace – 13 second PR)

  6. 4:21 rx’d ( 2:00 pr over last grace )

    Overall happy with today’s performance. Wish I could have not been doin singles after the first 10.

    195# clean and jerk…10# PR

  7. A. 135# C&J
    B. 33 reps (1 abmat)
    (5:10 Grace rx’d)

  8. Ben and Chris – Nice PRs today!

  9. A. 185
    B. 33 reps RX ( grace 4:38)

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