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Novmeber 19th, 2012

Hey CFSers, just wanted to let you know I (JV) will be writing the WODs again for the gym. I wanted to let you know mainly because I didn’t want John to be unduly taking the blame for the your sore muscles. I want to say thanks to John for the well thought out workouts he has posted over the last few weeks. That is no easy task. From me you will be getting mix of main site WODs and some “John inspired” WODs. Today’s WOD is a combination of the two. Enjoy!

JV #000

Workout of the Day

Part A:

Every 2 minutes on the minute for 10 minutes complete:

1 Power snatch then immediately into 3 Overhead squats

Post loads to comments.


Part B:

Three rounds for time of:
135 pound Overhead squat, 10 reps
50 Double-unders

Post time to comments.

Compare to here.


24 Responses

  1. A: Stayed at 145lbs and worked on form.
    B: 3:47 Rx’d

  2. A: Did not push weight-87#, going higher meant pushing the weight up & it felt bad, so stopped increasing and just worked on slinging it up.
    B: Moved down to 77# for OHS, did 150 singles, wasted a lot of time resetting on the singles.

  3. A: 95# – OHS was definitely the limiting factor
    B: 8:32 – dropped to 75# and did singles after it took me 2 minutes to get 10 doubles

  4. John- thanks for all the fun sweaty WOD’s…til next time sir!


    B- 7:15 w/ 115# – love some OHS…soul crushers these are. One day they will be my friend.

  5. A. 42#
    B. 7:17 47# and 150 single unders.
    I need to work on being more confident in getting more weight over my head!

  6. A. 145
    B. 7:13 Rx’d.

  7. A. 45#
    B. 8:02 45# then dropped to 35# for the last round. My wrists get really painful and I’m thinking I need to try wrist wraps, or maybe I’m just not holding the bar right. 150 singles.

    • Try and keep your wrist as straight as possible(ie. not bent back). Also, if you have the flexibility for it you can try a narrower grip. This makes it easier on the wrists, but challenges the flexibility requirement a bit. It is also not a good grip for the snatch.
      JV #000

  8. A. 175# (10lb PR on PS + connecting OHS)

    B. 9:42 Rx
    Tough…dU caused me probs and had to drop & snatch 4 times on round three…ugh

  9. A. 90, 95 (f)
    B. 12:32 85#OHS
    3 min + 5# pr, what, what!!


  10. 77, 85, 90, 95,100Fx2, 95
    9:06, 82# OHS

  11. A. 135#
    B. 7:35 RX

  12. Beached Whale Maneuvers 26:24
    400m Swim, 3min Rest
    300m Swim, 2min Rest
    200m Swim, 1min Rest
    100m Swim
    Stupid heel. Stupid lack of patience.

  13. A. 175# power snatch with 3 OHS’s
    B. 2:57 rx’d

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