November 21st, 2012

Sprouting Grains

Sprouted grains are definitely not Paleo! But, they have been a part of many traditional diets of healthy cultures for thousands of years. Why sprout? Increased enzyme and vitamin content. Easier digestibility (gluten and other lectins are partially digested during sprouting). No nutrient absorption blockers (phytic acid is neutralized during sprouting). Once sprouted, about a 2 day process, the grains need to be dried in a dehydrator. At that point they can be used in a variety of different manners. They can be cooked similar to oatmeal as a much healthier alternative to normal breakfast cereals. They can be ground into flour in a grain mill or Vitamix and put in a ziploc in the freezer. Freezing prevents oxidation, maintaining freshness and optimal health value. Sprouting is very simple, CV has recently become the sprouting queen, stockpiling the stuff like it is the second coming of y2k. I have to admit though she has made some pretty ridiculous breads with this stuff. For more information on sprouting your own grains click here. We got our sprouting jars at the Co-op. Another interesting fact that I have heard, but cannot confirm about sprouting is that back in the old days (whenever that was) almost all grains were sprouted because they were not harvested until they sprouted on the plant. Nowadays with modern farming techniques grains are harvested pre-sprout, possibly leading to the rise in gluten intolerance. Another side note, those who are extremely gluten sensitive may still not be able to have sprouted gluten-containing grains.

Workout of the Day

For time:
30 Handstand push-ups
50 Back Extensions
30 Knees to elbows
225 pound Deadlift, 30 reps
40 pound Dumbbell push press, 30 reps
50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood
Row 20 calories
10 Muscle-ups

Post time to comments.


24 Responses

  1. 28:22 Wow!
    sub’d 10#+pad on HSPUs (Jim you’re the man!)
    30# for 40# on Push Press
    (oddly) 3x Ring Dips & Pull ups for Muscle ups…
    paced pretty well only the ring dips gave out to 1or2 from 25 – 30, though Knees to Elbows lost rhythm after 15 so went to singles but with groups of 5. Row was a bit like being on a lake w/ your honey, moved real slow…

    • I forgot to thank Shawn for his encouragement to do the full 50 KBS, I so wanted to do only 30. I also appreciated Jim and Michelle’s comraderie – glad you guys were there.

      Have a thankful (paleo) Turkey day!

  2. Sorry I missed it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  3. 16:46 Rxd
    JV #000

    • I would loved to have watched you do this. The Rxd probably says it all but at least an “exhausting” after would have proved you were human… 🙂

  4. 26:00

    I was rx’ing it until I hit the muscle-ups. I could only get one MU and it hurt so I stopped there. Super happy about getting all those HSPUs done though!

    Casey #001

  5. 32:33 rx’d

    What a WOD to enter into “T” day! That was a doozy….I spent the majority of my time on the deadlifts and mu’s. 6 min on dl and 8 on mu’s ( was happy I only had 2 wasted attempts ) I wanted to just quit at mu’s but ha to tell myself “you can do it”. Glad I did…I think I will have an extra piece o pumpkin pie now!

    Happy t day everyone!!!! See you Friday!

    #30 OUT!!

  6. I want Muscle ups, I should have the needed muscle for “Muscle Ups”, if there is ANY correlation to 3x ring dip/pullups I would like to have tried it. I’d think 10 one at a time MUs has to be better than 30 RingDips/PullUps even if grouped by 5s. What do you guys think?

  7. 30:30
    Thanks Annie for offering to help me after class with my handstands. I was upset I couldn’t stay. I want to conquer fear and do it.
    Next time 🙂

  8. 25:01
    HSPU to 1 abmat
    K2E not all were to my elbows
    10 assisted muscle ups

  9. 25:56
    Way to rx that one Chris!

    • Thanks for handling the box for me today. It was a big help! I should have set the rings to where I didn’t need the box at all. Much appreciated sir.

  10. 32:30. Scaled the bleep out of this one, but I was happy to get a good rhythm on the k2e (not all were to elbow, but I was happy with the flow). I did about 15 HSPU and even though I barely moved with them, it was the first time I even attempted to move myself down and then back up. Big step. Did a bunch of just holding myself in a handstand after that. Had to stop at 15 deadlifts because my back was seizing up…had 105# then went to 85# and then just stopped. Very glad I did that. Everything else felt pretty good.

  11. 28:01 too many scales to list – 1 pood – 185# – 25# – 3 mat

  12. 26:15 scaled
    spent 10min on the MU scale, too slow!
    HSPU w/ abmat and 3x C2B Pull Up singles + 3x Ring Dip w/ purple band per muscle up.Should’ve been mentally tougher and gotten the push press and kbs unbroken.

  13. 30:40 – scaled
    1 abmat HSPU ( shoulder sore)
    1p KB
    Rest if it Rx
    MU were tough… 8 min.

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